LI-FI and in search of that hotspots.LI-FI

LI-FI stands for lightfidelity. LI-FI was invent by Professor Herald Hass of university of Edinburg.Professor gave a demo of a LI-FI prototype at the TED Global conference in Edinburghon July 12 2011.

he used a table lamp with an LED Bulb to conduct a video of ablooming flower that were projected on a screen. According to Professor Hass,the light he referred to as a D-Light, to produce data rates higher than 10megabytes per second. After that during the conversation about that in that meeting,he blocked the light of the bulb of lamp to show that bulb was the source ofvideo data professor told about the near future problems with the WIFI justlike Capacity, Efficiency, Availability and Security. because WIFI uses RadioWaves and radio waves van penetrate through walls which cause security issue,Efficiency is affected when there are too many users but the capacity of theconnection is low1.In present days, everyone is using WIFI and in search of that hotspots.

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LI-FIuses light to transmit its signals instead of radio waves. In place of WIFImodems, LI-FI uses transceivers that are fitted with LED lamps that can lightenup the rooms as well as convey and catch the information. It uses the visibleportion of the electromagnetic spectrum that are underutilized 2 3.LI-FI is better than WIFI because there are limitations in WIFI and due tothese limitations, the reliability of signals bound to suffer. WIFI uses 2.

4-5GHz Radio frequencies to convey internet access and its bandwidth is limited to50-100 mbps. There are major issue of security in using WIFI while in LI-FIthere is no security concerns and speed is also is the best feature of LI-FIbecause the signals travels with the speed of light 4.The use of LI-FI islimited with the source of light because light is required to transmit theinternet signals and light cannot penetrate through walls. I will work on thisproblem of LI-FI to enhance its transmission and will try to use it withoutlight source or with solar light LED.

S that in day it consume sunlight andLEDs be charged by sunlight to use it in night and take that LED wherever wewant to take it and enjoy the use of internet with high speed and without anyhurdle by that portable solar light LED.


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