LGBT Community in Society essay

Rosy cheeks, a silent cry, then the announcement, “It’s a girl emerges out Of the mouth. “You’re wrong,” I scream. “I’m a boy. ” As time passes all I hear is, stop acting like, stop dressing like, and play with those dolls. When in reality I’m not acting like or dressing like, I’m just being me. Growing up for me was a bit tough, at first had an ongoing war with myself because I was so confused; “Is this right? Am going to hell for this? ” always questioned myself. When finally made it to high school unlike other teens it was pretty easy for me to mom out in school, but at home it was more complex.

My mom was hurt and she kind of pushed me away, but I didn’t want to be like those other teens who have horrible relationships with their parents because of their preference in sex. Stood up for myself and I told her that I didn’t ask to be this way, this is just who I am. It’s not the latest trend, it started at birth but the choice wasn’t mine, my outer image was designed for me but my inner spirit no one can see. Life is a choice and I choose to live and be me. Even despite what society says, thinks and naturally sees. This is more for the transgender community but we surely don’t differ from each other.

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Blake Brooking was a young activist that was brave enough to come out to family and friends at a young age about being Trans. “I’ve lost a lot of friends… But want other Trans youth to understand that they’re not alone, and that this is a large community’ Says Brooking but despite all the hardships life has tossed his way he managed to continue his work. Joining the #Blackmailer’s movement and other movements for the LIGHT but mainly the transgender community. Brooking made it his business to tend any event that would help make a difference in racism, equality, and acceptance for the LIGHT community, especially transgender.

Many people who are transgender face a lot of violence and discrimination just for being who they are. The transgender group specifically out of the LIGHT community is by far the most discriminated against. Most young transgender youth commit suicide but the murder rate is just as much as the suicides. Transgender is not something someone wakes up and wants to be. Being transgender means that the sex that you’re assigned at birth doesn’t attach the gender you identify yourself with. Blake Brooking, Jay Rally, And Woodlouse and a whole lot more were victims of suicide due to bullying, neglect, and violence.

Why should someone feel the need to end their life because of the evilness of others? America should stick together and support the lives of others, so our children won’t be added to the suicide count because he or she felt abandoned. It’s sad that most of this generation’s children hide themselves and lie to others just to make their parents and families happy. “Please be WHO YOU ARE… Do it for yourself. Do it for happiness. That’s what matters in YOUR life. You don’t need approval of who you are. Don’t let people or society change who you are just because they’re not satisfied with your image. Ash Huffier left that note on his pad before he stepped into oncoming traffic in Charlotte, N. C. Words hurt, and being bullied for who you are can cause a lot of depression and in most Outcomes it leads to suicide. There should be more groups, more events, and more support from everyone around the world so we can prevent suicide. In 2015 alone there ere 19 suicides and numerous hate crimes in the transgender group alone. I know that not everyone is going to be on board, and know not everyone agrees with the LIGHT lifestyle, but that doses ‘t mean you have to bully them.

The only difference between you and me, is that I like the same sex. This is not something that we can control, we don’t have the power over who we truly are. Most of us are not harmful and a ton of people insist that we’re the sweetest people they ever met. No matter how many suicides or hate crimes the LIGHT community suffers, we will never stop fighting for the rights we serve and there’s going to be as much lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender babies being produced in this world till the end of time.

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