Levels Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Strategic Leadership.

Levels of LeadershipJohn Eric Seto6404As an upcoming Sergeants in the US Army, we should know the Levels of Leadership. What are the Levels of Leadership? My essay will cover.

There are three Levels of Leadership in the US Army. They are Direct Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Strategic Leadership. Knowing the three Levels of Leadership plays a vital role in the US Army. Each role and responsibility of the leadership is different but they all have the same goal. To accomplish the mission.Direct leadership is the frontline leaders or first-line leadership.

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Most NCO’s serve at direct leadership. They are responsible for developing and building cohesion amongst their team. Part of the responsibility of direct leader is to enforce and maintain Army standards. They implement policies, train and lead the team to accomplish missions.

Making sure that the Soldier live by the Army Values. Direct leadership must develop interpersonal, conceptual, technical and tactical skills. Interpersonal skills are the skills used by a person to interact with others properly. (Investopedia) Some people call it as “people skill” they listen and communicate effectively with Soldiers. Conceptual skill is important for NCO.

the skill helps them to see a bigger picture, understanding the situation and make a good judgement. Technical skills are knowing the how to use the equipment’s and weapons system. Tactical skills are the ability to act and decide to gain advantage and win battles.Organizational leadership deals with battalion or brigade level, they influence the Soldiers indirectly. They use levels of subordinate and staff


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