Level-2 teaching target skills (e.g., requesting, picture exchange,

Level-2 is secondary prevention- focuses on providing more targeted support for children who continue to show difficult behaviors even with the implementation of the preventive strategies. This stage focuses on three outcomes. People who work with the child with difficult behaviors need to use Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), which is a preventive strategy that helps people to understand the function of the difficult behavior and links it to design a wide-ranging behavior plan that guides the intervention; based on the result of FBA executing Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) which is implementing interventions and decreasing difficult behaviors during ongoing routines and activities, and increasing communication and social skills which is helping the child to further develop his/her communication by teaching target skills (e.g., requesting, picture exchange, vocalizing and verbalizing, taking turns, asking for help, initiating interactions with peers); demonstrate how it is used through adult and peer modeling; practice with adults and typically developing peers; provide child with constructive feedback; and generalize across activities, settings, and individuals.

Level- 3 is providing intensive and individualized treatment – focuses on applying intensive and individualized intervention to those children with autism who exhibit problematic and continuous difficult behaviors in a manner that can be potentially dangerous to themselves and others. Intervention plan is designed based on FBA.

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