LETTER academics. Siya possesses a scientific outlook and

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATIONI am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Siya Sharma whom I have known for this year as her Physics teacher.

I can undoubtedly say that she is one of the hard working students from our current batch. I have found her as a bright and focused individual in terms of her dedication towards her academics. She has a keen interest in and talent for physics and scientific inquiry and has consistently demonstrated strong work ethic and dedication towards her academics.Siya possesses a scientific outlook and a passion for physics. She is a researcher in her approach as it was evident from her project on ‘Kirchhoff’s Laws. Her project demonstrated her ability to understand a concept and how to skillfully apply it to the real world.

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She has never displayed any casual approach towards completing her projects and assignments.Apart from the theory lessons she also shows a keen interest in physics practicals. She displays a remarkable power of observation and stimulates questions which help her to help develop new understanding and vocabulary.Siya is a leader for her hard work and creativity. Always open to feedbacks, she works tenaciously to work upon her shortcomings and improve herself. Besides being good at studies Siya regularly participates in co-scholastic activities however, she never let these activities interrupt her academics.

She not only takes responsibility for all her actions but also targets to add perfection to her work. She is friendly and respectful towards her teachers and fellow classmates and is recognized throughout for her discipline. I am certain that Siya is going to continue to do great and creative things in her future. I highly recommend her for admission to your university.


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