Letter to many internal problems, government cannot focus

of Motivation

Madam/ Sir,

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This letter elaborates my interest in
studying at Leibniz University Hannover,
Germany. I have done BS
Environmental Science from Bahuddin
Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. Additionally, I have been working as
Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
Officer since September 2015. Now, I want to polish my abilities by
acquiring proficient knowledge and practicality from your worthy varsity in M.Sc. Water and Environment. By consulting
umpteen people and surfing websites, I have come to know that this is the
appropriate place where my dreams come true. Because we are facing plethora of
challenges regarding water and environment, and studying in your institute help
me cope them up. A good deal of people suffering from fatal diseases i.e. diarrhea,
cholera, respiratory infections, cancer etc, because of unhealthy environment.
Beaches, ponds and lakes present a picture of filth and trash. Biodiversity and
ecology face grave consequences. Owing to wide range of different disciplines
that Environmental Science involves,
soon after starting my studies I realized that M.Sc. Water and Environment is a field that has much interest and I
really want to focus on it.

I am living in Pakistan which is one
of developing countries here we are facing different types of environmental
issues that are increasing day-by-day dramatically. Our Government also has
interest in different environmental issues but due to many internal problems,
government cannot focus on these issues. Because they have a few
environmentalists who are working on environmental challenges. I want to become
a brilliant environmentalist for work on environment and water issues in
Pakistan. Like water and climate change is a serious problem for us. My aims
are to have all the issues and challenges in this field dealt serious by having
skilled manpower. In my country, according to the medical association survey
about 90% of the people get badly affected from intense diverse just by
drinking polluted water because 90% of water is gained from underground system.
Water pollution always takes place because tons of garbage and waste is
disposed into it. As an Environmentalist, it is my responsibility to protect the
environment by reducing waste and pollution. I will use my scientific knowledge
to design systems that control pollution and protect public health.

On the completion of my studies, I would like
to serve Pakistan in Water and Environmental sector because we should
definitely like to see Pakistan without any environmental problems but
currently we are facing lots of environmental threats. Pakistan is developing
country. The climate of Pakistan is semi arid and as a result we face water
scarcity challenges. The climate changes have changed rainfall pattern and
increased glacier meltdown. Pakistan has world’s largest irrigation system.
Apart from benefits, it has created salinity and water logging problems in
irrigated areas. The agriculture runoff is another problem which is polluting
surface water as well ground water. With modern know-how in the fields of
integrated water resources management, contaminant transport in the subsurface
and groundwater in fractured systems, usage of alternative water resources, environmental
monitoring and remediation, water pollution control, contaminant treatment
technologies, I will be able to resolve the problems created and serve my
countrymen and also help the environment.

Similarly, floods are mostly come in Pakistan
and it destroy our soil fertility and increased the contaminants in drinking
water and the resulting social, economic, and health costs disproportionately
impact on our society. In that light, I have a particular interest for
promoting equitable access to a clean and secure water supply. I will design a
way for people with career interests in organization with responsibility for
environmental planning, resource allocation and overseeing the impact of
resource management decisions.

Pakistan needs educated and well equipped
people with extra skills who will work to improve environmental and water
quality. Therefore, it is my responsibility as a good citizen to contribute
myself for improvement of environmental problems and share ideas and knowledge
with government authorities and industrial partners. I am seeing myself as a
responsible member of many organizations where I will contribute to mitigate
negative impacts of environment by removing contaminants which will be fruitful
for our next generations. I can feel myself as a good leader, and I will do my
best to work with team to motivate and encourage them to do their jobs for
enhancing awareness about value of water and environment management.

Furthermore, the whole world has become a
global village. In the global green environment no one should be left behind
and we should promote sustainability of environment. I would like to add that
we as a nation gather on a global platform and achieve universal access to
sustainable environment.

I want to study at Leibniz University
Hannover, Germany because of high reputation in M.Sc. Water and
Environment; the course of this program combine would provide me with
necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It will provide me
understandable platform. I am wishing to get expertise in this field. In your
university, I will take part in field work and laboratory activities that
provide me with hands-on skills of solving real world environmental and water
challenges in resource using equipments and techniques typically found in the
work place. I will do my level best to excel within this department. My utmost
goal is to become a valuable and renowned researcher in the field of science
and technology specialized in this program.

I look
forward to your positive response. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Muhammad Waseem




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