Let’s empires army was not producing good results,


Let’s start with the fact
that the Roman Empire ran over 500 years, and was one of the world’s greatest
super societies. I would also like to say that there one not one specific thing
that caused the fall of Rome but rather multiple elements that throughout a
worthy span of time finally led to the demise of the Roman Republic. To start
it off, one of the more important causes was the invasions of the Barbarians.
These Germanic tribes were ruthless in war and they were one of the root causes
to the fall of Rome. Some of these Germanic tribes have branched over into the
empires borders and quickly started to take over. Raid after raid the Romans
were becoming more and more threatened by tribes until one Germanic leader by
the name of Odoacer staged a rising and overthrew Octavian, better known as the
Emperor of Rome.

One other notable concern
for the Roman Republic was its economic troubles. Rome, while taking attacking
from the outside, were also falling within. The empire relied heavily on slaves
to be craftsman’s and to till the fields for crops, but, as the empires army
was not producing good results, there was no intake of slaves and eventually
when expansion was cut short they field began to dry up. To compliment this,
all the constant battles starting impacting taxation and inflation which cause
the gap between rich and poor to widen. With this going on many of the rich
would move to the country side to avoid the “taxman”, and, along with the
failure of agriculture production, is what ultimately made the Empire start to
lose their grip on Europe and contributed to the fall of the empire, making the
fall that much quicker.

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The list of possible events
that caused Rome to fall is extensive. So, this last one that I will talk about
is corruption in the government and the unstable political situation. Let’s
start by saying over the course of 75 years,   


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