Let student of the University of Maryland

Let start with all the suspicious packages sent to all the democrats and with what we would consider to be ‘inalienable’ rights such as the right to breathe and therefore have a ‘basic existence’. One of these rights is that no one has the ‘right’ to take another person’s life, steal their food and/or other basic necessities of life. We are living in heartrending times wherein we have to deal with crazy and destructive people “out” there. It is very discouraging and disheartens to see the same people that called themselves American trying to destroy their own fellow citizen. It is “very” shameful to see what going on “currently” in the US. This division and hate has to end we all need to come together and stop all the evil doing.

America must show bright example to the entire world because I believe it is a trouble times for us the AmericanAfter watching the civil right and policing school Board meeting that was giving to the student of the University of Maryland by lawyer Glenn Edward Greenwald make me ask myself where is the right for the people and civil liberties and why do they feel threat in their own community because of discrimination and racism. He served as a constitutional lawyer for more than a decade, and he mentioned that back in the days they used to have black and white party Christmas but in two different days, but someone came in and changes the idea of separating parties but that idea did not seem to work anymore.After his introducing about human right and civil liberties he also mentioned that civil right is how a human should be treated equally no mater you origin, race, religion and according to United Nation people are free to choose their religion but that seems to be broken now. If people have the rights to education why young teenagers are in street idling? Everyone has different ideas of how this human right must be applied. Civil liberties set limits for government so that it cannot abuse its supremacy and interfere with the lives of its citizens” Why children die of starvation and children lack of education if we have civil right? His major speech is about civil liberties on which he emphasizes that all human must be treated equally..

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His speech made me to understand and feel confident about the bill of right and civil liberties even for myself as a citizen living in the united state. During my observation on his speech I came to realize that his main concern is for all citizen to be treated fairly but not to infringed on civilian liberties and unconstitutional. Let face the fact especially for those that are coming from another country and come here in the USA to seek refuge because of war with little children carrying in their hands and forcefully seized from their biological parent.

We have to realize that children are our heritage, and we have children to protect them and our children will one day travel to different country to study and travel to another country to worked after graduating from university and how hard is it to just embrace, nature and care for those children because not all of them are bad people and when we travel to another land we want to be treated fairly with dignity and respectHis speech was very inspiring and beneficial to me and for those who were at the meeting at that particular time. I really appreciate the time spent in watching the video and my intention is to continue reading and watching more of his civil liberties speech to learn more about my right in this country.Reference: lawyer Glenn Edward Greenwaldhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrCD3oqj-OQhttps://www.yesmagazine.org/people-power/glenn-greenwald-on-government-snooping-why-it-s-dangerous-and-what-we-can-do


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