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The coverage of this chapter has seven parts, namely: Background of the stud Statement of the Problem, Theoretical Framework, Conceptual Framework, Is inference of the Study, Scope and Delimitation and Definition of Terms. Part One, Background of the Study, a comprehensive review of information us rounding and influencing your topic, the reason in choosing the problem and the theory y for which the study was anchored. Part Two, Statement of the Problem, clearly presents the nature and the scoop e of the research study.

Part Three, Theoretical Framework, is the structure that can hold or support a theory Of a search study, introduces and describes the theory which explains why the r search problem under study exists. Part Four, Conceptual Framework, provide a context for interpreting the study findings. Part Five, Significance of the Study, discusses the benefits that can be derived from the results of the study. Part Six, Scope and Delimitation, presents the limits and the scope of the Reese arch study.

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Part Seven, Definition of Terms, presents the conceptual and operational term ms used in the study. Chapter I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Due to the upgrade of these gadgets in entertainment, students’ most likely f Ochs on hat entertains them than on what may help them in their studies or for the good of their knowledge. Students often spend more time on using gadgets than studying or doing different types of physical and spiritual activities. Students usually use gadgets for med IA and social interactions in particular backbone, twitter, and other sorts of social networks.

Our connection to electronic gadgets, according to one New York Times article, can be attributed largely to the curious neurological effect it offers our brains: a dopamine squirt. Dopamine, the neurotransmitter vital for our ability to experience pleasure, spreads through UT the brain in a more widespread way as we respond increasingly to the various stimuli offer d by our piles of electronic gadgets ? typically our phones, computers, radios, televisions and v died game consoles.

These electronics and our responses to them also have an effect on our lives in at least four major ways: practically, psychologically, physically and financially. Electronics in our daily life influence a lot in our different times and part of life . They can affect us physically, mentally and in many ways we never had thought about it . The other words on this part will make you to attain a good knowledge about it. Also there are many ‘Electronic gadget* which we are using in day days life such as computer, TV, mobile, Pip d, pen drive, etc. Available easily.

These instruments helps us by making easy paper work, e entertaining, for communication etc. But not to limit only this, these instruments are proved us feel in almost every industry. Also they are used to identify conditions for the performance of any works. E. G. : TV, Computer, Laptops, palmtops, Digital Camera, MPH players, Smart phones , digital pens, printers etc. Technology is no doubt the energy that runs in every veins of so city and drives our lives. It is about being innovative and creative and it transforms ideas into reality that helps our human life.

High tech computer gadgets and technology also brought PRI De to us and beneficial to all persons. Automation through technology saved our valuable t mime and effort to maximum level. Information is now easy to achieve and through easy comma inaction can brought distant places much closer. With the help of highlight gadgets, house hold chores are now easier and made us productive than ever. It allows us to do the same cacti pities with less time thus allows us to do other things. The advancement in terms of techno gay also helps measure the economic and social growth of a nation. Http:// www. Studded. Com/essays/ n Ethel 493974. HTML The most amazing technological gadget is no other than a mobile phone. Telecommunication industry has been revolutionized because of cellular com immunization. From conventional phone to now famous smartness have broadened the extent Of communication. Today, it is not only limited for us to make long distance calls but also it can b e used to surf the net. It is really amazing how computer technology together with high tech co imputer gadgets eve changed the face of the world and it is increasing rapidly.

Internet is now the most valuable tools for communication and the leading source of information nowadays. M rover, internet has brought an important positive change that is very helpful to the entertain meet and advertising industry. Prospective buyers can now easily reach out over the net with just a blink of an eye and marketers can now interactive with them and it is indeed an beef active advertising campaigns. No argue about it, technology has improved our lives and if we us e it in right direction, it will keep on improving.

We have our responsibility to structure it I n such a way that it can benefit the society and will not destroy ours. We need to use the techno gay in a balance way that automation and taking care of our environment so our Mother Anta re cannot be destroyed. A fact is that as human intelligence has evolved, so were our gag test and the internet. Due to the vast availability of smart phones, laptops and computers, the number of devices connected to the internet was higher than the number of people on e earth. You will be surprised to read that 40% Of people socialize on internet rather than facets investigations.

God gifted us with brains to think and make decisions to live a healthy life, but without even knowing we are living an unhealthy life. Http:// www. Independent. Co. UK/lifestyle/stagehand’s/ newstudylinkssmartphoneuseinst udentswithincreasedanxietyandbadgrades8993945. HTML Our school is 10 minutes away by walk from our home, but we take a transport art. We spend our weekends at home in front of these gadgets while we should be o t under the blue sky allowing the sunlight allowing our body to enrich our body. We watch tell vision for hours and give an excuse Of getting bored.

Children spend hours and hours in front of laptops playing video games and social networking. The point here is that you should enjoy y our life using these modern day gadgets and inventions but not at the cost of your health. Gadgets affect us in various sort of ways, being one of those effects is how it a effects students and their academics. Gadgets, from simple tools powered by electric itty such as light bulbs evolve to phones and tablets. The influence of smartness on student s suggests that hanging on to your phone all the time can be bad for you in more ways than o en.

These gadgets ay improve or it may be a distraction and a reason to fail a student’s studies or grades. Http://radiotherapy. Wordless. Com/201 1/03/28/ howtechnologyandhightechcomputergadget chivalrousness/ Statement of the Problem The purpose Of doing this study is to (1) Explain all the disadvantages in using gadgets among all the Third Year students in College De la Purism Conception, Rosa s City, during the school year 20132014. (2) Determine the negative and positive effects in using gadgets to all Third Year students in College De la Purism Conception, Rosa City, during t he school year 20132014.

This research seeks to answer the following questions: 1 . What are the demographic profiles of the respondents in conducting this re search in terms of? A. Age b. Gender c. Social Class 2. How do gadgets affect the grades of the third year Maritime students in Co legion De la Purism Conception? 3. What are the effects of these gadgets on the grades of the third year Marti me students in College De la Purism Conception? 4. What are the negative and positive effects of using gadgets to the third year Maritime students in College De la Purism Conception? . What are the consequences of excessive usage of gadgets to the third year dents in College De Ia Purism Conception? 6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using gadgets to the third y ear Maritime students in College De la Purism Conception? Theoretical Framework This research study is anchored pertaining to the effects of the electronic gad gets to students academic performance and how it influences the students physically y and mentally whether it’s a negative or positive effect.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 90% of Americans erg Larry use a computer or an electronic device of some kind in the hour before bed. Light emitted from your electronic devices may be robbing you of a good nights sleep. Dry. Matthew De Lund, author of The Power of Rest, says excessive light ruins sleep. And the many highlight GA gets that never sleep may be the cause of your restless nights. Source: http:// www. Immunoassay. Com/health/ news/ electronicgadgetscanhavenegativeeffectsonsleep/ article_38366d3aa31b11 AAA 001 a4bcf6878. HTML According to a British survey, teenagers love electronic gadget and they are a addict to it. They may spending 7 to 10 hours of the day with their gadget no matter it is T V, computer, mobile, video game, multimedia device and any other technology stuffs. This addiction of gadgets is deeply affecting the social and personal skills of SST dents. It is noticed that a teen may be expert at testing but poor at real communication with someone faceted. Source: http://cuff. Dallas. Du/ promiscuousness/unctuousness/ The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic Nun varsity (Poly) and the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association have jointly conducted a study on the health effects of using smartness and portable electronic devices among H Eng Kong people. Results showed that, out of the 1,049 people surveyed, 70% of adults and 30% of children and adolescents have reported musculoskeletal symptoms in different parts of the e body in relation to the use of electronic devices. Source: http:// www. Scenically. Com/releases/2013/09/ 130905160452. Tm According to C. B. Fried / Computers & Education 50 (2008) 906-914, there is some evidence that laptop programs and the scaled ubiquitous computing environ moments they create on college campuses can have a positive effect. Some (e. G. , Fitch, 2004; Stephens, 2005) have found that laptops can facilitate facultative interactions and in class participation, thus increasing engagement and active learning. This is often do en through preparing and posting discussion questions and using new devices such as re spoons keypads to facilitate student interaction.

Driver (2008) found that laptops, coupled with webbed activities, enhanced satisfaction with group projects and overall class satisfy Zion. Bark, ipso, and Learn (2006) demonstrated that laptop use in a Wife classroom enhanced active exploratory learning and promoted more meaningful interactions between SST dents and with the instructor in large classes. Other researchers have found that the use of laptop as in classes can increase students’ motivation, their ability to apply course based knowledge, a ND their overall academic achievements (Mackinac & Bibber, 2006; Siegel & Foster, 2006).

Who en compared to inhalation classrooms, students in laptop classrooms reported higher participant action rates, more interest in learning, and a greater motivation to perform well (Trimmer & Bach Mann, 2004). Surveys of current students and alumni frequently show varying but generally positive levels of satisfaction with laptop programs (e. G. , Finn & Inman, 2004; Miter & Stiffens Meier, 2006). Deem, Erickson, and Hospitalizing (2004), in a survey of current students, f undo that students felt laptops had a positive effect on their study habits and were imp orator to their academic success.

Greenberg and White (2005), in one of the few studies that 10 eked at unstructured classroom use of laptops, even promoted instant messaging as a benefit. They claimed that this technology allowed students to make comments to or ask q questions of fellow students “silently” without disturbing others, though they provided no evidence e that this was beneficial to student learning. Source: HTTPS://www. McCall. Du/ Academics/avoids/twigged/ 3424. 00018/documents/ Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework of this study was drawn based on schematic diagram am from which the variables are included.

The independent variable is the excessive us e of electronic gadgets and the moderator variable is the purpose that is educational purpose sees vs.. Entertainment purposes while the dependent variable is the academic perform menace of the Maritime students. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE: Excessive use of gadgets Of students Excessive use of gadgets of students MODERATING VARIABLE: * Age * Gender * Social class DEPENDENT VARIABLE: Academic performance of students Figure 1. 0 Schematic Diagram showing the Independent Variable, Moderating

Variable, and Dependent Variable Significance of the Study The main importance Of this research is to inform the readers especially the College De la Purism Conception third year students the effects of utilizing gadgets in t heir academic performance. The researchers believes that students, particularly College De la Purism Co enclose will be benefited from the findings of this study since the study provides basis for awareness and better understanding of how electronic gadgets affected their academic p reference such as time management, learning skills, and study skills.

The outcome of the study is most beneficial to the following: Maritime Students. May obtain ideas on how electronic gadgets can affect the IR time management, learning skills, and study skills. Help to advise solutions to the p robber that Maritime students are aware to the effects of electronic gadgets. With that the eye would be able to know how to use these gadgets intelligently so they will improve their academe ICC performance. Instructors in the College Of Maritime Education. They can get more information on and lessons about effects of electronic gadgets to the students which they can inch De in their teaching.

For example, they could use this study for Orientation of students t hat will help them in understanding better the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic g gadgets. School administrators. This research can be beneficial to help CPA administer Zion to identify the effect of electronic gadgets on student academic performance. The is study shows the growing popularity of electronic gadgets that enable lecturers and the adding striation to monitor students through these electronic gadgets hence enhancing the teaching and learning process by using electronic gadgets. Future researchers.

They may use the results of the study as their source of v liable data and serve as their foundation in conducting their studies. Scope and Delimitation’s The scopes of this research are the Maritime students here in College De la Pu racism Conception foothold year level only. The research that is being conducted cove RSI the effect of gadgets on the academic performance including the time management, learns Eng skills, and study skills of the third year Maritime students of College De la Purism Conch option. In gathering the data, the researchers are only get a certain number of volunteer s to answer given survey.

The study was conducted during the first semester of the School Year 201320 14 in Rosa City, Capita. Definition of Terms Electronic device ? a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically; a light Dwight consumer electronic device that looks like a handheld computer but instead p reforms specific tasks; can serve as a diary or a personal database or a telephone or an alarm clock etc. Gadget Ingenious device: a small device that performs or aids a simple task. Trivial device: a small device that appears useful but is often unnecessary or prosperous.

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