Lelouch and was able to notice the corrupt

Lelouch VI BritanniaCharacter analysisLelouch VI Britannia is the main character from one of the most incredible show Code Geass. He’s father is Charles Zi Britannia the 98th emperor making Lelouch the prince of Britannia or was the prince of Britannia. His mother was killed when he was at his young age and his little sister “Nunally was blinded and crippled.

” Later on, Lelocuh was sent to Japan “as hostage.” After a while he ended up under the care of the leader of Japan. When Britannia invaded Japan he was afraid that they might be used as “pawns again” so he and Nunally hid with a Noble Britannia family named “The Ashfords.” After all the hardships and challenges he had encountered and was able to notice the corrupt and abusive rule of the royal family (his family), death of his mother and encountering people who is unsympathetic. He then felt that the world denounced him.

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Lelouch has a power called geass which gives him the ability to make anyone follow his orders. He was able to get this kind of ability from a woman named “CC” or “C2.” After obtaining this kind of power he was able to start a rebellion called the “Black knights” and their goal is to bring down Britannia.

Lelocuh uses a masked persona that hides his face from his allies and his enemies with the possibility that when his allies knew he was a Britannia prince they might kill him or maybe leave him and to protect his little sister. He has a mask that open in the left side so he can use his geass when he need to and uses the code name “Zero.”Lelocuh despite having great intelligence, he does not apply this skill in his school life because he thinks they are “boring.” He is very strategic in his battles and most of his enemies can’t predict or has a hard time anticipating his plans. Even though Lelocuh was a prince he never liked them because of their pride and how they use their power. Lelocuh in his normal days will often challenge nobles in a chess match and he always win because of his tactical mind.

Lelouch is different when his “Zero” his masked persona, in school he is approachable but when his is Zero he is different. Being the leader of the rebellion, “he has a very deep sense for justice” and just as his tactical in his chest games so is he in his battles and he is also very charismatic. For this is one of the reason he and his knights always gain victory. In battles Lelouch is prepared to “sacrifice” his allies as long as he is able to achieve his objective. There is a reason why Lelouch or Zero is doing what he does one reason is to change the world and also to know how his mother died.

His other motive is to make the world better for his sister Nunally. Every human life is special regardless of their disorder or if their weak and strong this is what Lelouch believes. His father and the empire does not hold this kind of believe “they believe others are inferior and should be discriminated upon.” Lelocuh clearly does not agree with this kind of believe because he does not want to look at his little sister Nunally as a “liability.” According to Lelouch and one of the reason he wants to change the world is “Should I simply give up on my sister because she’s frail? I refuse to accept that. I’ll wipe out that sort of world myself.

” – Lelouch Vi BritanniaAs stated earlier Lelouch’s motivation for changing the world is to bring down the empire and for his sister Nunally but he realized something. When he was in “C’s” world he has realized that “humanity desired the future.” He now knows that Nunally should not be treated differently from “anyone else.” “If he did, then all of his actions would be in vain.” This is one of my favorite character despite other great characters like ‘C2″ and his best friend Suzako. Even though Lelouch has some flaws he is still an interesting character for me.

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