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left-409575Productive Brainstorming00Productive BrainstormingYou want to make a website of a bioshop.

For this it is decided to organize a brainstorming sessionClear concise definition of area of interest for the sessionOur goal is to create a website for 100% bio products without parabens or harmful substances. The purpose of the meeting is to present the stakeholders with the website to be created and what it will contain.List of stakeholders whom you will invite to the sessionSoftware developers (will deal with website creation and will make a presentation of how it will look like )Costumers(are the main participants after the website must respond to their requests)Farmers(will show about the cultivation of the necessary herbs that they must cultivate and that are needed to prepare the products that will be launched on the website)Representatives of environmental organizations(it is necessary to confirm that plant growth will be naturally and there will be no non-bio interventions from farmers.Also their presence will affect the advertising of products to prove to users that the products are safe)Identify the length of the session (more participants – longer session)Everything will depend on the issues to be dealt with during the meeting. The session should not be too long or too short (4 hours are sufficient).

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The most appropriate time is the morning or afternoon4. Describe how you will get buy-in  from participantsIn session will be the necessary participants who will explain in detail all the processes that will be followed for the creation of the products.The necessary certifications that the products will be 100% bioEach process for creating products will be carried out under the supervision of the responsible persons who will transparently inform the process.Presentation with laws that will be undertaken if there are any interventions in the products that could damage the customer .Enable a middle manager to defend the idea to senior management, stakeholders, and financial officers who may need to grant budgetary approval of the idea.Make it possible to review a large number of ideas in a resource efficient manner.

5. Define criteria for evaluation of ideasThrough a thoughtful evaluation process, teams can eliminate wasted expenditure on Ideas that aren’t a great fit and focus on those Ideas that best meet the issues at hand. We have to create a process that maximizes people’s time while still providing feedback to everyone who took the time to contribute an Idea to the program.6.

Tell, how analogy technique and change of perspective technique might be used in the session.One method can be used to change the perspective is analogy.It means to compare different things that may have something in common,and this way We find the best solution about the system.

7.Describe what room arrangement will be used (usually it is suggested that participants shall see each other, there is a possibility to project from the computer and also it is possible to write the ideas on the whiteboard or paper in front of the participants.Of course, the room in which the session will be held is very important, as it will affect the participants’ comfort and consequently in their ideas.The room should not be very big neither too small. Enaugh space for as many people as will be invited , and anyone can hear the opinion of others.

Colors should not be too dark. Table should stay in the center of the room and participants shall see each other.8.Describe, how you will deal with the brainstorming paradoxEvery brainstorming paradoxes encountered during the meeting, of course it will be taken into consideration. The problem will be considered by the responsible persons, if the person who throwed this paradox is right will be given the necessary measures to solve the problem.Otherwise, if the opposition is ungrounded, the person in charge will persuade the person concerned with the necessary arguments.

So to front of paradoxes everything will be used will be facts and arguments.9) Name which document oriented techniques you could use for further requirements elicitation and what benefits from them you are going to obtainThe necessary certifications that the products will be 100% bioWritten laws that will be undertaken if there are any interventions in the products that could damage the customer .Product warrantyBenefits The presence of these documents creates certainty for the customer.10) Name which observation techniques you could use for further requirements elicitation and what benefits from them you are going to obtain1-;Controlled Observation occurs in a laboratory environment.

Its purpose is to discover quantitative and qualitative data. For this observation some observations are formulated and these observations are carried out step by step.Advantages of the approach are :1)They reproduce easily2)Are easy to analyse3)Can be quickly conducted2-; Naturalistic ObservationThis observation is not very structured, not realized in the labThis observation is very close to the customer.

The observer for a long time points out user behaviour by using the product and records the views as they see fit, the results are highly qualitativeAdvantages of the approach1-;Very reliable2-;Very useful for ideation11) Name which  supporting techniques you could use for further requirements elicitation and what benefits from them you are going to obtainThe map of thought has a lot of positive impact on software development. This is a new method which as a principal principle has the requirements of the customer.Mind mapping provides the forms of inquiry based on very important questions and unexpected topics.This method helps eliminate communication errors. This card helps users understand the scene in which the information is recorded


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