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Citreous implementing the cycle of change within the organization will bring the organization more opportunities and teamwork among employees. Sustaining Phase of the Cycle of Change Leaders in change for Cit, or any business, have the task to prepare, implement, and sustain changes in the workplace. Each of these components needs analysis, communication, and monitoring. However, if Cit desires the improvements to stay, and not be a short term occurrence, the sustain phase in this cycle must have equal mapping and preparation to adequately meet City’s long term goals.

Once processes are implemented, understood, and auctioned on a daily basis by City’s employees, maintenance of these changes must occur. This allows for monitoring of continued successes, and allows a check point to assess if adjustments are needed. Cit has leaders with monitoring in place for production, satisfaction, and growth. These monitored findings are tools for leaders to follow-up on the activities of the business, and assess if the findings are in alignment with the shared vision, goals, and long term desires for the company.

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A key principle of Cit within their mission statement is ‘common purpose’ (Citreous, 2012). Accurate readings of the business’s current state are critical for management to use in decision making for the business. It must be determined if the actual, real, state of the business aligns with where the business forecasted it would be in a set amount of time. This is critical information for finances, business development, and other monetary aspects of running a global company. These figures are signs for management to use as roadman for deciding where training may be required, resources distributed, or more manpower needed.

Changing City’s processes, along with the organizational ultra, need analyzing for management to have an accurate understanding if goals and Current status are compatible and working together. The sustaining phase in the cycle of change is not complete because all phases have occurred. Sustaining requires long term maintenance and monitoring for the business to stay competitive in the marketplace, keep clients and personnel satisfied, and profits to keep flowing in. If Cit successfully shares the vision with staff, executes the changes well, monitors and accepts feedback from their workforce, many obstacles have been overcome.

This sat phase of sustaining is a tool for keeping that gain, knowledge, enthusiasm, and satisfaction a permanent affect in the Cit workplace. Measuring progress and fine-tuning are of absolute importance described during this last phase (Palmer, Dumbfound, Akin, 2006). Understanding the differences in the stated change goals and the actual Status Of the business will allow this success to happen. Gap Analysis According to Investigated Gap Analysis is “The process through which a company compares its actual performance to its expected performance to determine whether it is meeting expectations and using its resources effectively.

Gap analysis seeks to answer the questions “where are we? ” (Current state) and “where do we want to be? ” (Target state)” (Investigated, 2012). Conducting a gap analysis allow the organization to examine or reexamine the organizational goals and decide if the organization is taking the correct steps in accomplishing those goals. Gap analysis includes an explanation of the organizations current situation and what the organization wants to achieve in the future.

Citreous needs to apply gap analysis to the three following systems performance, policies, and procedures, and information systems performance Systems Performance gaps occur in organizations when current technology, process, and resource capabilities are not meeting the needs of the customers and the organizations objectives. It is essential for Citreous to apply the performance gap analysis to determine the reason for the disconnect between the standards the organization has set for the job and the actual performance being delivered by employees and managers.

Such gaps that Citreous is dealing with concerning employees performance of meeting goals and lack of immunization can be internal factors that may be related to the employees work conditions or regulatory standards. It is unlikely that Citreous can perform up to their optimum standards all the time, which is why it is important for the organization to take time to analyze the areas where the employees and managers may be falling short. The gap that Citreous is experiencing can be caused by the employees taking on a new task and the unfamiliarity with the task.

For Citreous to eliminate the gaps the organization may need to update software or more training for employees or efferent motivational methods. Policies and Procedures Systems Policies and procedures are important to Citreous because it is link between the organizations day-to-day operations and vision. Gap analysis will allow Citreous to see where the gaps are concerning the Organizations policies and procedures which is written for employees to understand his or her responsibility and role within Citreous.

A well written policies and procedure will help management or leaders to guide operations without constant upper management intervention. By applying the gap analysis will help managers identify the key components and offer a general strategy to decision makers on how to handle certain issue come about. The ultimate goal for applying gaps analysis will Agitprop’s managers and employees and clear and easy way to understand the organizations plan of action that is required in implementing and carrying out certain policies.

This will also eliminate the common misunderstandings that are taking place within Citreous and also reestablish boundaries for employees. Information Systems Information systems is vital to an organization it supports the organizations day-to-day activities. Information systems collect, process, delivers, and stores information that Citreous relies on to carry out and manage its operations. These systems interact with Agitprop’s customers and suppliers and help the organization to compete in the market.

By conducting a gap analysis will allow managers or leaders of Citreous to make changes to certain provision of services as well as production to achieve greater results. In applying this gap analysis will allow managers to review the operating principle and trim away certain things and increase productivity among employees. This gap analysis ill allow the organization to help employees improve his or her customer service skills, and better ways for the organization to assist the customers as well once certain information or data has been collecting.

As Citreous continue to grow and mature, the need for having the correct policies and procedure, performance standards, and information systems in place to help alleviate risk and meet the needs of customers are increasingly important. Conclusion Agitprop’s presence worldwide requires leaders for change with enthusiasm and endurance for change to take hold. Understanding change is a process, tit many steps requiring preparation, patience, and communication is critical for change to take place successfully. The cycle of change ends with the phase of sustaining.

Sustaining successful change requires monitoring of actual company status and comparing the findings to the desired goals of the company. By implementing a gap analysis this is accomplished. Assessing performance, policies, procedures, and information systems allows a cohesive analysis of the current state of Cit. If the findings measure up to the desired status, monitoring continues to ensure the success continues. If the endings to not measure up the desired state of the company, corrective actions can be analyzed and executed where needed.

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