Learning and have a dislike for unethical and

Learning strategies; methods; techniques and tactics that are promising in terms of student performance; and achievement should be phased in when needed and timely.

different and relevant learning-teaching methods and techniques should be used in education environments when their time has come discussion guided discussion case study station technique decision making demonstration brainstorming project development etc. bloom 1976 studies show that there is a meaningful relationship between these and student achievement. so far studies have found no significant relationship between student achievement and characteristics of teachers including age seniority in professional education institution they finished years in education sex remuneration institution of present employment and marital status bloom 1976; Robinson et.

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al. 2008. On the other hand, it has been found that there is the significant relationship between student performance and achievement and teachers practices in class environments including feedback correction reinforcement student participation affection and appropriate teaching-learning methods techniques and tactics. If students like their teacher and the course they may adopt the desired behaviors more easily. Children and young people may model their behaviors with others that they like. Students may want to behave like the teachers they appreciate and like.

As a matter of fact, studies confirm that students like correct and ethical teacher behavior and have a dislike for unethical and inconsistent patterns of behavior. Teachers should practically do and demonstrate what they teach in class. In other words, what is said should coincide with what is done; then the teacher is found to be consistent enough to be liked and taken as a model by students. Students may have no respect for teachers or faculty members who fail to demonstrate and practice what they have been talking about.

Students may display some undesired behaviors in class environments and this may adversely affect education environments. Desired or undesired teacher behaviors may affect student’s cognitive-affective psychomotor and intuitional behavior. Teaching-learning environments can be made more effective when the teacher behavior that affects achievement is identified. Acquiring positive and consistent effective characteristics may help students attain a healthy psychological state and adopt desired behaviors more easily by taking the faculty member as a model.

Sometimes such behavior causes irritation to the teacher teaching a large class with varying abilities. At other times the behavior of certain children disrupts the normal operation of the classroom or school for a time. There is general agreement in literature related to the management of challenging behavior that the starting point must be the promotion of positive behavior.

However, there will always be a number of children in any school who challenge teachers by behaving in a way which does not fall within the norms expected for their age or level of development. Teachers complain of increased pupil-teacher ratios many primary schools are understaffed. many school management committees are of the opinion that as a result of the ban of levies they are unable to recruit extra teachers through the PTA. the performance of education is evaluated based on examinations given -and attainments of students in such examinations. Examinations have been accepted by educationists and other stakeholders as an important aspect of any education system. The importance placed on examination has seen stakeholders come up with strategies aimed at improving student’s performance in examinations.

Studies were done on the impact of the school environment and students’ academic attainment attest to the fact that there is the significant relationship between school-based factors and students performance. These factors are classified under; school-based factors and non-school factors that are external not within school control. Human behavior and assert that without it and the organization cannot function well towards the achievement of its goals. Many educational reformers particularly those associated with the standards movement hold that the key to improving student performance lies in improving schools. if academic standards are rigorous curriculum and assessments are aligned with those standards and teachers possess the skills to teach at the level the standards demand the student the performance will improve. This perspective is to some extent at odds with another that has emerged from the discussion about school improvement namely that it is students rather than schools that make the difference.

In this view it is the social backgrounds of students that play the key role in their ability to learn and only by moving outside of the educational system and attacking the pervasive economic inequalities that exist in the United States can student performance is improved.


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