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Leading slaves into freedomHarriet tubman was a fighter that completed many brave acts by herself, she was born in 1822 and by the age of 5, she was already put to work. She got married in 1844, to a free black man, although she stillwas a slave. After all, her master died and she decided to make her escape. That was the beginning of her achievements. One of her achievements was operating the Underground Railroad.

She travelled from Maryland all the way up to Canada. She had to get away from the danger. Harriet was 28 when she made her first rescue and 38 when she made her last (!)#). To avoid being seen, she made her trips at night.

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The best with this achievement is that she did not meet the security guards, even though she sneaked out 11 people at the same time.Harriet has also been a spy. And when she worked as a slave she managed to rescue 800 slaves in ONE night. Actually when the civil war she was asked to join the Union Troop in North Carolina.

Why is harriet supporting this cause? Harriet tubman was an abolitonist. She was born into slavery and knew immediatly that it had an rough impact on people. She sat her own life at risk for helping slaves be as free as her. What was the outcome? Is this still a problem in the world?Harriet Tubman impacted the world in a good way because she made them think twice about slavery and also helped the slaves get back their freedom.. She also helped the women to get their voice.

All this leads to another impact which is that everyone should pay more attention to women and mental aspect towards women and blacks.


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