Leaderships for the army leadership’s value because

Leaderships Leadership is an important function that the army needs to have in order to function efficiently and to achieve organizational goals. An army leader is someone who knows their job and is tactically and technically proficient, someone who provide purpose, direction, and motivation to their solider. Being an army leader you must be fair and unbiased with every decisions, actions that you made. You must place your solider need and well-being before yours. As a leader in the army you must stand for the army leadership’s value because you are a direct representation and a role model for other solider to follow. All leaders have the responsibility of mentoring those junior enlisted soldiers below them in rank and to develop them to become the future leaders.

They can do that through training and education and they can provide feed back to the soldier through counseling, coaching, mentoring, when you coach a junior enlisted solider you are providing guidance to the solider in ways to accomplish the task at hand. Coaching is the best way to bring out individual quality as a future leader and to enhance their leadership abilities.

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