Leadership CEOs keeping in leadership theory, what

Leadership stylesKAPIL JADVA PINDORIAUnit # 10BUSI 2033 Organizational Behaviour and ManagementYorkville University – Vancouver CampusInstructor: Professor Amr Shokry 2018-09-13Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc524881723 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc524881724 h 4leadership and the definition of leadership styles PAGEREF _Toc524881725 h 4Sundar Pichai PAGEREF _Toc524881726 h 5Mark Zuckerberg PAGEREF _Toc524881727 h 6Comparison of Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai PAGEREF _Toc524881728 h 7Evolution leadership style PAGEREF _Toc524881729 h 7Me in the fortune 500 companies PAGEREF _Toc524881730 h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc524881731 h 8References PAGEREF _Toc524881732 h 9AbstractThis paper looks at the two fortunes 500 CEOs one of them is Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google and the other is mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook, the profile of both the CEOs keeping in leadership theory, what kind of leaders were they and what was the leadership style. There performance in the respective companies when they were leading and then comparing the two leaders as in whether they were effective. Does the leadership style require to effectively leading the fortune 500? Was the leadership style effective or not by both the CEOs. And finally, how do I feel they would get better according to meIntroductionChief Executive officers all over and leading two success companies as Facebook and google. Facebook is the leading company in social media network. Appearing in the fortune 500 is the important and respectable moment we all want to acquire in our entire life. both chief executive officers are leading their respective companies from the last 15 years. This research paper looks at where leadership styles come from the two CEOs.

leadership and the definition of leadership stylesleadership styles were introduced in the year 1939 by Kurt Lewin and identified the three leadership styles including autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire CITATION Bil15 l 4105 (Billig, 2015). A standout amongst other known Master of Administration styles is Daniel Goleman. In 2000, Goleman and his group finished a three-year contemplate with more than 3,000 center level administrators to reveal initiative practices and their impact on organizations and primary concern productivity CITATION Ben12 l 4105 (Benincasa, 2012). Incredibly, one of the greatest revelations, CITATION Ben12 l 4105 (Benincasa, 2012) clarifies, is that a chief’s authority style oversees 30% of an organization’s main concern productivity. Goleman and his associates found six administration styles amid the investigation CITATION Ben12 l 4105 (Benincasa, 2012). The pacesetting pioneer expects and model’s brilliance, anticipating that the group should do as he or she does yet now.

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The definitive pioneer assembles the group towards a typical vision utilizing an accompany me approach, concentrating on the ultimate objective and surrendering the methods over to people. The affiliative pioneer attempts to make enthusiastic bonds and a having a place with the association with a human start thing out state of mind.Sundar PichaiGoogle was founded in the year 1998 and it head quarters is in Mountain view California. CITATION Ada16 l 4105 (Adams, 2016)The company employs 53,600 people to create and operate different products like the search engine, Chrome, you tube, google maps and many more. CITATION Ada16 l 4105 (Adams, 2016)Sundar Pichai is the CEO of google.

Business insider has described google as “emotional stable. Agreeable, and conscientious” CITATION Leb16 l 4105 (Lebowitz, 2016). Sundar Pichai is a successful leader because of his desire and the workers. Sundar Pichai’s leadership style is well known for the humility, the ability t communicates in a way that he gets emotionally connected with the workers and he prevent confrontation in placing the importance to collaboration, has the value of relationship CITATION Ada16 l 4105 (Adams, 2016). Sundar Pichai practices what he preaches, and the major leadership strategy is said by him is “to not only see your own success, but to focus on the success of others”CITATION Thi17 l 4105 ( Think marketing, 2017)He further explains that the work we do as a leader must be to make the people successful.

As we all know that it’s the job the leader to build and assist others to complete the goals and by making up the collaborative culture he has successfully used the leadership strategy in google.He continued hard working and was promoted to the product chief. When google formed a new company called Alphabet Inc that served as a holding company in 2015 and was appointed as the CEO.

( CITATION AlpND l 4105 (Alphabet, ND)). He has humble approach and he is committed to learning and development. to take the company ahead he knows that the company can not rely on the on what they did in the previous years. They need to improve and innovate. As to maintain their status he knows that google must continue to make new things and bring the innovation.

Another leadership style of Sundar is that he continues to have an active involvement in hiring. And make sure that the people joining google take the critical roles and re fit for the company and makes sure that google is the right place for them to achieve their own goals. Sundar has a commitment of retaining the entrepreneurial nature of the business that reward thinkers and thinkers who are open to challenging the status quo and are looking g for breakthrough insights.Mark Zuckerbergmark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook and the guy who gave birth to Facebook in a college dorm room.

Zuckerberg is a man who has the capability to think outside of the box. According to former employee Yishan Wong. “He’s a perfectly nice guy on a personal level. It’s just that professionally, he is focused on getting it done and has a limited tolerance for emotional fragility in the people he needs to help him execute on that mission.” CITATION Tay12 l 1033 (Tayor, 2012), Zuckerberg is a transformational leader. “Transformational leadership may be defined as a leadership approach that causes a change in individuals and social systems.” CITATION Ken01 l 1033 (Kendrick, 2001). “If you’re looking for a boss to develop you or who gives you confirmation or even acknowledgement of your opinions, Zuckerberg’s not the guy for you, said Wong.

” CITATION Tay12 l 1033 (Tayor, 2012) Zuckerberg noticing, he wanted to change the leading employees in a way to give a clear picture of where the company is residing and where the company is at and where the company is going. he keeps relationships with the employees and encourages them to be themselves. His leadership Traits are good and have helped him become a good leader. the mistakes in the past have helped him to become a good leader. Mark made one of the important decisions as appointing Sherly as the chef operating officer of the company. She used her knowledge and the experience to help install advertising within Facebook. in the year 2010 and made profit for Facebook CITATION McC16 l 4105 (McCracken, 2016)Comparison of Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar PichaiBoth are transformational leaders and are also described as encouraging and aggressive. one is a charismatic leader and mark is a leader who is made of all the styles of leadership (autocratic, democratic and laissez faire).

They command the employees to the assigned work and are constantly ask for feedback form everybody. They believe in the employees and treat them equally.Evolution leadership styleAs we all know everything mow days is moving faster. and the businesses are causing the global impact and having extreme competition. CITATION Dik15 l 4105 (Dike, Odiwe. ; Ehujor, 2015). the technology is faster and the internet has moved to another level.

to become a successful in business leaders must be having a clear vision of what success looks like. leadership is more complex CEOs are focusing on the followers. CITATION Rig10 l 4105 (Riggio, 2010). Transformational leaders are more important in todays competitive market. They comprehend that compelling initiative relies upon the CEOs capacity to connect with, empower, and build up their groups CITATION Rig10 l 4105 (Riggio, 2010).

They likewise have the enthusiastic insight to take care of complex issues CITATION Met12 l 4105 (Metcalf, 2012). The fruitful transformational pioneers draw in and persuade their groups, share basic leadership with their supporters, and totally comprehend that it takes a group to win CITATION Rig10 l 4105 (Riggio, 2010). At long last, transformational pioneers have the correct abilities to convey results amid ventures CITATION Leb04 l 4105 (Leban, 2004)Me in the fortune 500 companiesIts difficult to see my self leading in one of the fortune 500 companies but noting is impossible. with the help of Goleman’s six leadership style I would say that I am pacesetting and visionary leader.

At work I expect perfect work and lead as an example to the other if given a chance. The vision and the goals I would create for my team would be mobilize the team and be motivating the tam to do some work and excel the company. to be Honest I would say I am too far to lead the fortune 500 company. I lack some of the skills.ConclusionRonald Reagan once said that “the best pioneer isn’t really the person who does the best things.

He is the one that gets the general population to do the best things” CITATION Das13 l 4105 (Daskal, 2013). This is the best portrayal I have found of what it truly takes to be fruitful as a CEO. when we look at both Sundar Pichai and mark Zuckerberg they have led their respective companies and achieved a lot and have lost a few things in life. Both are transformational leaders and are also described as encouraging and aggressive. one is a charismatic leader and mark is a leader who is made of all the styles of leadership (autocratic, democratic and laissez faire).References BIBLIOGRAPHY Think marketing. (2017, february 21). Retrieved from https://thinkmarketingmagazine.

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