Leadership as an individual and as a team.

Leadership plays a vital and important role within an organization day to day operations. According to (Kouzes & Posner 1993), the argument around leadership can be derived from the behaviour of leaders and followers which between the relationship of those who is able to inspire others to follow their instruction and those who is willing to be led.A leader that is able to encourage the organizational commitment of his or her followers is seen as an effective leader. Besides that, an effective leader is able and willing to share the vision, objectives, and plan to the employees.

A competence leader will be able to set an achievable goal and lead the followers toward the goal together. For example, when I was working as an intern at a major telecommunication company within my country. My manager had taken me under her guidance to ensure that I knew everything that I needed to know about the business and the area I needed to work in. As a result of this guidance, I was able to obtain an open position as a Marketing Executive for marcomms, promotions and reporting.

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As a leader, she got me to fall in love with marketing and was able to achieve the goals of the organization in a timely manner.The trait approach shows us that great leaders should be intelligent, honest, creative, confident, driven and courageous. They should be able to understand their followers and their needs. For example, my manager paid attention to her marketing department and genuinely cared about helping us succeed our goals as an individual and as a team. She ensured that we had confidence in ourselves when we had doubts in a current task. The skills approach focuses on technical, human and conceptual. According to (Northouse, 2012), technical skills are information and expertise one has in a certain area.

(Northouse, 2012) also stated that human skills are the skill in which an individual can work with and relate to people. Finally, (Northouse, 2012) speaks about conceptual skills are the ability to work with ideas and concepts. For example, within the telecommunication organization, we had to come up with new ideas to market our products and services in order to remain number 1 in the minds of our customers. Our manager was always openminded about different stuff we had an opinion on.

We would also have weekly meeting to update our teams on what we were working on at the time and get in put from the team as well. The style approach focuses on two main types of behaviours,1) task behaviour and 2) relationship behaviour. Task behaviour deals with planning, coordinating and scheduling work, activities to get the job done. For example, with my department, my manager would ensure that we plan our budgets accordingly for the new financial year. As a result of this, I need how much money I spend on press, radio and digital and the rest would be for promotions and activations. This showed me how to manage funds allowed to area and still had saving which we sent to group “our headoffice” to be noted and budgeted for the next year. Relationship behaviour deals with relationship with individuals below and around them.

For instance, by having a great relationship with us, my manager was able to execute our promotions and activations in a timely manner. Lastly, participative leadership deals with planning as a team to help better creation of the team. As a subordinate, my experience and knowledge has come from my manager who thought me how a great leader should be. She has shown me that its ok to lead and be openminded at the same time. She also thought me how to act as a leader and how to came myself with my team and persons on the same level as me.

I wish that someday I would be a great leader like her.In conclusion, as leaders we sometime need to have more leaders with these traits. Followers would more listen to these persons more and not just work for persons who’s not becoming as a leader.


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