Leadership in achieving the goals of the

Leadership is a set of behaviours that are intended to play a role in achieving the goals ofthe organization. Studies have shown that culture differences directly affect theeffectiveness of leadership and influence the satisfaction and motivation of the followers. Culture signifies the basic values and belief systems of individual that are expected toimpact leadership processes.Among the challenges faced by the leaders in Malaysia are the ways to maintain thedevelopment in light of rapid changes in the country.

The priority is, therefore, to be able tosustain the impressive achievements made thus far in the rather challenging context of amullti-racial and multi-religious society, especially the need to understand the culturalthinking of the Chinese community after the General Election (GE13). Therefore, it isimportant to understand the Chinese culture and values so to manage effectively.Dr. Mahathir is the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, is said to be a charismatic leaderDr. Mahathir practiced a strong and decisive, both in his leadership and communicationstyle.

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Malaysia is composed of a majority of Malays, but its business drive comes from theChinese as the minority group. To keep the economy growing, Dr. Mahathir must allow theChinese minority to prosper, thus he need to provide some rhetorical favors to the Chineseas well.


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