Leadership engage in a heated argument and it

Leadership in the team plays an integral role in achieving the mission and vision of the team.

The success or failure of a team’s performance hinges on its leadership skills. Team leaders set the pace for team members to follow. In my team, the team members are offered guidance in order to perform their roles.

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This is achieved by giving us thorough training and instruction to follow. The leadership in my team assumes corrective measures and mediates between conflicting parties because employee conflict can badly affect efficiency and productivity. For example two members of my team were engage in a heated argument and it nearly resulted in a brawl. The leadership was able to summon the individuals involved and resolved the issue amicably and reassigned them to different roles. This initiative taken by the leadership brought peace and calmness in the team because the actions of the former disorganized the team. If the leadership did not intervene in this situation, efficiency and productivity will be on the low side.In addition, the leadership of my team regularly responds to questions bordering the minds of members. This aids in resolving problems that might hitherto hinder job performance.

The leader of my team ensures the flow of information, and this facilitates the execution of task and improves performance. The absence of this trait in my team will result in poor optimization of productivity.Furthermore, the leadership of my team promotes an atmosphere of creativity that leads to innovation. For example, when we were on training at JTTC in Takoradi, a member of our team modified the existing plant operating procedures and he was allowed to test run it with other team members and it work perfectly.

This in turn enhanced the team sense of creativity and originality and helped us to work beyond the status quo. Without embracing creativity and innovation the team will fall behind and can be out of competition because creativity and innovation is what drives an organization. My team leader ensures that team morale remains high and that members are motivated to perform well. He boost morale by helping to instil a sense of confidence and trust in the members and this helps us to take positive approach to any task we are working on.

The leadership in addition, lift our morale by creating an environment of cooperation between team members and this gives us the opportunity to work together in achieving our objectives. The lack of this leadership trait in my team will result in individuals fulfilling their personal goals which will not auger well for the team.Finally, the leader of my team is able to admit mistakes and takes ownership of situations and demonstrates the importance of being responsible.John Adair’s action centred leadership model which highlights on the task, the team and the individual is perfectly displayed in my team from the aforementioned traits of leadership skills demonstrated in my team.


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