Leadership qualities. My first leadership experience dates back

Leadership has varied definitions from different people but personally, I view leadership as an opportunity/ability to serve humanity with the mindset of identifying and solving problems. From my cradle days, I have had the privilege to interact with people who impacted on me positively and this has provided me with the opportunity to acquire some leadership skills and qualities. My first leadership experience dates back to my primary school days where I was handed the opportunity to lead a sports team. With the members of my team, we were able to organize sports activities within and outside the school. As part of acquiring leadership skills, I also indicated interest to join the quiz club, where I was part of those awarded by the school as the most consistent member of the club. Furthermore, the various challenges I encountered during this period enhanced my leadership skills and provided me with some basic knowledge on problem solving. This was made manifest during my secondary school where I was made the Deputy Senior Prefect. As a leader, this opportunity enhanced my organizational and management skills.

Through these developmental stages, I developed very sincere interest in solving problems and enhancing my leadership skills. This I was able to achieve during my University days where I took some key leadership positions. First, I started with leading in the capacity of Secretary General of Nigeria Medical Laboratory Science Association in 2011/2012. I also served as a group leader in various Laboratory Postings and training such as Project Management/Health Safety and Environmental training. Furthermore, I served in my Local Church as the Youth President and Music Director.

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In addition, I served as the Corps Member Liaison Officer (CLO) during my one year youth service.Furthermore, as a brilliant, hardworking and goal-oriented university graduate, l have leadership experiences in research consultancy, data analysis, research field work, results evaluation, research reporting and critical inquisitions, teaching and tutor in my academic discipline and internship programs. I have also contributed to knowledge by publishing about ten research articles. This has also contributed in giving me an insight of academic knowledge and challenges accrued to various academic disciplines; hence this helped me solve research and academic problems. I have so much passion on selfless service and this is my most driving force that has propelled me into acquiring some leadership skills. I have successfully organized programs such as Youth Seminars, Music concerts, academic seminars and this I was able to achieve because of the opportunity to build my leadership skills.

Hence, my leadership qualities, co-integration, relationships with various teams and desire to learn will help improve my leadership skills if granted a Chevening scholarship.Also, Chevening scholarship will avail me with the opportunity to acquire more knowledge on leadership skills, fulfill my dream of meeting great leaders and subsequently impact this knowledge in my home country by demonstrating and impacting good leadership skills in my academic discipline.


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