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These four behavior types are: Effective problem solving- gathering, analyzing and considering information A strong results orientation- following through to achieve results Seeking different perspectives- encourage employee contribution Supporting others- build trusting legislations via sincere concern for colleagues These are certainly not the only behaviors to be encumbered but they do provide a core leadership behavior upon which to build (Fuser, Malay, & Cravings, 2015).

This paper will view the leadership style of Margaret “Meg” Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard including the work ethic, values, and philosophies she brings to and shares with the organization. Meg Whitman Meg Whitman is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard, a global hardware and software corporation headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Meg Whitman was born Margaret Cushing Whitman on August 4, 1956, in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York.She finished high school in three years, graduating in 1974, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Princeton in 1977 and went on to earn a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University in 1979. Meg began her career with Proctor & Gamble and then proceeded to work for several high profile companies until becoming Chief Executive Officer of eBay in 1988. Meg Whitman took eBay from a company with 30 employees and revenues of $4 million to a company with 1 5,000 employees and revenues over 38 billion.Meg Whitman ran unsuccessfully for Governor of California in 2009 and then joined the Board of Directors for Hewlett Packard before taking over as CEO(Meg Whitman Biography, 2014).

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Leadership Style “There is no such thing as a born leader. Leadership is an acquired attribute that begins early in school and on the playground. Some children develop take-charge attitudes; some make friends fast, while others are happy just to make the team. As time goes on, education, jobs, and life experiences shape a leader’s philosophy and psychology.

How best to get the job done and work with others? How to set goals and objectives and manage their results? The answers to these questions become a leader’s winning formula for success. But over time, a leader may find that her winning formula is not producing the results it used to. New challenges require new leadership skills, behaviors, and ways of communicating. It’s time for her to unlearn her familiar leadership approach, recognize her limitations, and adapt her leadership style to become the leader she needs to be (Blacken, 2013). The previous passage is an excellent description of Meg Whitman as a leader. When Whitman took over Hap’s reins in late 2011, her initial change was literally taking down the alls and dividers in the offices and parking lots in an effort to unite everyone. She also placed a fresh and more intense emphasis on customer service and communications.

“You have to connect with the people,” Whitman told an audience at the Korea-Tube Conference Center. “And it’s about the stories you tell to illustrate a point (Meg Whitman talks corporate culture, tech future at Stanford event, 2014). She adapts her leadership style to the situation and needs of the matter, working to enhance any project she tackles. Of the eight styles of leadership, Meg Whitman most commonly employs two styles- situational and transformational. The first of these two styles, situational, has behavioral qualities described as linking behavior with group’s eagerness and being leading and accommodating, while inspiring and instructing. This is best seen in her ability to be direct in her evaluation and forthcoming advice to others.The second, transformational, displays behavioral qualities described as expecting team to transform even under challenging conditions, depending on team to give their best, and serving as a role model.

Meg Whitman establishes her goals and objectives in the ginning and then formulates the best approach to meet those goals. One other style evident in her behavior is servant. This is evident in her preference to go the heart of her company- the employees. She works to include her whole team in decision making for the company. This is used to create a positive culture and elevate employee morale.Philosophy, Values and Culture Meg Whitman leadership philosophy is based on observation. Whitman seeks to learn from her environment and through communicating with her employees to determine what they feel should be expected of her and her management team. She remains accessible to her employees and allows them to express their opinions, concerns, and ideas during company meetings.

Meg Whitman understands the idea that the title President and CEO does not mean she has all the answers. She keeps an open mind and resists exhorting control over her employees.Whitman remains supportive and participates in the creative and innovative thinking fostered at Hewlett Packard. Meg Whitman discovered that the “HP DNA” was innovation.

To build on this core strength, she centered the corporation on revolutionary inventions and achieving solutions to escalating tech concerns (Meg Whitman alls corporate culture, tech future at Stanford event, 2014). In this writer’s opinion, this is just further proof that Mrs.. Whitman leadership style is undeniably aligned with the cultural philosophy of Hewlett Packard.The founders of Hewlett Packard based the company on similar beliefs.

Hap’s Corporate Objectives have guided the company in the conduct of its business since 1957, when first written by co-founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The HP Way defines the company culture for Hewlett Packard eloquently (The HP Way, 2014). The values and corporate culture are mainly focused on six areas: Trust and respect Collaboration Innovation integrity Profit and growth Customer loyalty By basing the culture of the company On these values and objectives, Hewlett Packard became a company that stood for something.Meg Whitman maintains these ideals as the foundation for the company. She gives what she expects to receive. Ethical Behavior Workplace ethics and behavior are a fundamental component of employment, as both are characteristics that can support an organization in its endeavors to be lucrative.

In fact, ethics and behavior are just as significant to most corporations as execution insofar as high morale and collaboration are two elements aimed at triumph. Each corporation in every trade has precise procedures to which its personnel must adhere, and often define such features in employee manuals (Amoco, 2014).The most imperative stimulus on ethical behavior in the workplace is largely company culture, which determines whether personnel are appreciated or demeaned and whether stakeholders are regarded with trust or suspicion. A firm that bases its policies and decisions on deeply rooted ethics will produce a culture in which workers are naturally disposed to operate ethically, also. The sort of integrity that is at the essence of an ethical company culture cannot be faked r taught, but it can be contagious and inspiring.As Jill Young of South University’s School of Business explains, “If you act with integrity, ethical behavior is just a natural progression (Guaranteeing, 2014).

” Meg Whitman leads by example. She encourages her employees to behave ethically by behaving ethically. Whitman has returned the HP culture to its roots which were based in integrity, honesty, and pride. This has been crucial to building employee morale.

People will strive to do better when they can see the results of their effort is appreciated and valued. Meg Whitman has jumped in mongo the people and works with them.This lets her employees know that she can relate to what is going on in the company. Meg Whitman learned ethics and values early in life and continues to live by those values now. This shows in her work as a leader. Strengths and Weaknesses Meg Whitman is genuinely a remarkable woman.

A self-made billionaire, Californians 4th richest woman, one of the top five most influential women according to Fortune Magazine (numerous times), Harvard Business RevieWs 8th best performing CEO of the past decade, and one of Financial Times 50 faces that helped to shape the decade.One thing is undisputed – Meg Whitman sets the bar very high (Cottrell, 2014). Her greatest strengths include staying grounded, keeping an open mind, and understanding that without the body (employees) there can be no head (management). Meg Whitman brings over 20 years of experience to the helm at Hewlett Packard and these strengths have made her successful in most of her endeavors. Just as any leader has strengths, he or she will have weaknesses. For Meg Whitman her weaknesses may not be immediate however they do exist.Her greatest weaknesses include a lack of experience in the computer technology Rena, being female may cause others to withhold respect, and her expectation that everyone will share her work ethics even though it is expected.

The quality that contributes most to Meg Whitman success is courage. Meg Whitman has confidence in her ability to overcome any challenge that comes her way. She is not afraid to make the hard decisions. When she took over at Hewlett Packard, she came in and made immediate changes such as putting management and employees on a level playing field.She discarded the offices and reserved parking lots, made the necessary cuts n positions, and sought feedback from her employees rather than rely on her personal knowledge of the business, or lack thereof.

Meg Whitman does not sit back and rely on her previous successes; she analyzes each new situation and works to achieve her goals. “There is no misgiving that the success of any group is contingent on more than having the proper contributions. To achieve effectiveness, team members must have strong and positive team processes (Shoehorning,Jar. Osborn, Lull-Been, & Hunt, 2012). ” When one looks at the process a team develops via communication and collaboration, it brings to mind the formula that many of us are taught from day one of any business class: forming, storming, morning, performing, and closing. These steps have been heavily utilized in the progression of turning things around at Hewlett Packard. Meg Whitman has effectively communicated her objectives for the company and its employees while collaborating with her team to ascertain the best solution for realizing the goals set forth before them.

Meg Whitman has navigated her way around the usual office politics by placing herself inside the company, not so much as a leader but an actual employee who happens to run the company. She has made herself a partner within the company, maintaining an open door policy and building valuable, trusting relationships with employees. Improving as a leader in the 21st Century Based on top leadership skills, Meg Whitman is considered a solid leader however, everyone has room for improvement. I would suggest that Mrs..

Whitman address her weaknesses as a CEO for Hewlett Packard.One such weakness is her lack of computer technology. She should make the effort to educate herself technically. A more thorough understanding of the tech kcal side of the company will increase her ability to relate and appreciate the work f her employees as well as create a sound vision for stability and growth of the company. I reviewed some of the employee comments listed in a Glissando survey about Hewlett Packard. These comments are based on over 10. 000 interviews with current, former, and potential employees.I believe Meg Whitman would benefit from such a review to determine what areas need improvement and work to eliminate the negative comments listed.

Some of the chief complaints include high turnover ratios and layoffs, non-competitive salaries, lack of growth potential and an unsatisfactory rewards program (Hewlett Packard, 015). Group Dynamics Group dynamics are the forces operating in teams that affect the ways members work together (Shoehorning, Jar. , Osborn, Jill-Been, & Hunt, 2012). A group’s complete efficiency, however, pivots to a large degree on the usefulness of the members’ interaction skills.

Devoid of affirmative streams of communication, misunderstandings can occur amongst groups, generating an awkward work environment. Lacking clear communication amid group leaders and workers, productivity can decelerate as workers grapple to apprehend their precise job roles (Ingram, 2015). Power and politics are intricately intertwined within the structure of an organization’s existence.

In any group, at any given moment, a number of individuals are in quest of power to realize their specific objectives. This chase for power is political behavior.Organizational politics represents the actions carried out by people to attain, enrich and employ power and other resources to achieve their desired results in a setting where there is ambiguity or dissent (Sharpshooters, 2013). According to the culture of Hewlett Packard, open and honest communication between staff and management is encouraged. The organization values employee input and enforces trust and transparency via communication and collaboration. Meg Whitman has removed possible barriers by creating better access to management and working to cut through bureaucracy.

Equalization of the playing field has reduced the political competition in the company. Pursuit of common goals and company objectives is fostered by a culture built on collaboration, trust and respect, integrity, and customer loyalty. Conclusion When looking at leaders in the 21 SST century, Meg Whitman must be included in this list. She has the gift to empower and motivate people around her. She ancestress on engaging the leadership skills that she has been cultivating since childhood.

She adapts to and rises to meet any challenge set forth before her with a vigor that can only result in success.

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