Leadership is also called by authoritarian leadership.

Leadership Definition of leadership:There is very a simple definition of leadership. Leadership is an ability to motivate an amount of community to act in a direction of gaining a common intention. ?That kind of leadership meaning adoptions the vital of subsistence to enable to encourage others and be ready to do the task. Active leadership is founded on the concept, however, won’t occur if not those concept can be exchanged to the group on way to that embrace them suitable to task as the leader trails them to the task.According to Charles Handy leader shapes and share a vision where gives point to the work of others. John F.

Kennedy presents a very nice definition of leadership. According to His definition leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. John Maxwell’s definition is so simple in few word “Leadership is influence nothing more or less. MANAGEMENT Definition of management: Management is a method of gaining organizational aims by practising with and while community and other organizational structures. Management is actually managing and involving people in performing their work for a certain target. In a business organisation, management plays a vital and initial role. Defined George R. Terry, ”Management Is an individual system performing planning, organizing , actuating and controlling; utilizing in each both science and art, and taken in order to perform predetermined goals.

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 STYLE OF LEADERSHIP There are many kinds of leadership. According to Steve Morgan, there is three main business leadership. They are following number 1 Autocratic leadership 2 Democratic leadership 3 Laissez Faire Leadership Autocratic leadership: Autocratic leadership, take almost or all of the decisions by its own except the engaged or enter of the employees. Autocratic leaders speak their inferiors after what they must be taken, however whenever it must be performed.

The autocratic leader is alike to disregard supposes made by employees. Automatic leadership is also called by authoritarian leadership. This kind of leadership not popular in the world. Democratic leadership:  Democratic leadership deliver few decision-making powers to the community other members of the party but in the last, the final decision still stands with the leaders – staff members just have a chance to present their view or judgment and solicitation moving toward.

Democratic leadership is also knowing as a participation’s leadership. Democratic leadership is very popular in all around the world. Laissez-faire leadership: Laissez-faire leadership is an attenuated leadership style, it’s  proving full decision-making power to the employees and staff. It gives them an opportunity to take any decision and fulfil their work to any situation and anytime. This kind of leadership is feeling free in their work.  Laissez-faire leadership is called as delegative leadership. This kind of leadership is also popular in the world.

    Kellogs leadership:Kellogs follows four kinds of leadership. They are1 Authoritarian leadership 2 Democratic leadership 3 Paternalistic  leadership 4 Laissez-faire leadership Kellogs management: Kellogs follow three kinds of leadership. They are1 Autocratic leadership 2 Participative leadership 3 Consultative leadership Different between managementand leadership:Leadership and management they are quite similar on the act. There are some differences between leadership and management. The prime difference between leadership and management is those leaders have a community to follow them since managers have a community who work for them. Different between managementand leadership:Leadership and management they are quite similar on the act. There are some differences between leadership and management.

 The prime difference between leadership and management is those leaders have a community to follow them since managers have a community who work for them. Leaders have a longer-term perspective and managers have a short time perspective Leaders challenge it and managers accept the quaLeaders have an eye on horizon and managers have an eye on horizon An effectual business employer demands to be both a potential leader and manager to get their group on board to ensure them onto their prospects of gain. Leadership as regard involving people to realize and trust in your view and to perform along you to gain your success when managing is higher than about direction and building assure the day by day belonging are arriving as they should do. ?Managing and leadership there are some key challenges to face in their work. A successful leader and manager they always keep their trust and honesty in their work.

 Honesty and dutiful: To be a successful managers or leader they must have to be honest and truthfulness in their workAims: Managers and leaders they have to identify their aims and goals. Aimless manager or leader they could not be a success in their future. Inspiration:  Inspiration increase to do anything better.

A good manager and leader always inspire their team to do work better. Communication ability: Manager and leader must have to be skilled in communication. Communication skill is very important for any kind of organisation.  Conclusion: In an organizational business a leader and manager play a vital role in business. Any organizations’ success or failure depends on manager and leader.

A successful manager and leader is the heart of the business. They play all the roles and regulations in a business. They lead the people and guide the people and to the certain success of an organization.

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