Leader have understood what was communicated . In

Leader is a person who holds a prevailing or superior position within its field , leads and goes first by example so others are motivated to follow him or her . Wards (2018) says leader is the one who motivates a group of people to achieve a common goal . According to Gleeson(2016) , leadership is the ability of a leader to guide and influence others , and not manipulate them . I have worked with the leader whom has earned my respect because she possess a high level of communication skills .

She is able to converse with members and listen to their ideas . Furthermore , she also ensure that the members have understood what was communicated . In addition , she is responsible as she never complain . Instead of making excuses , she makes progress .

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When she faces unexpected problems , she conveys the convinction that every problem has a solution . She also present them as challenges need to overcome effectively and not escaping from it . I remember there were once she made a wrong decision , she did not spread the blame , but she owns and address the issue as she thinks that’s her responsibility to do so . Moreover , she has a very positive attitude as she is excited about the possibility of creating an exciting future . She even get up every morning to see every effort she makes as part of a great plan to accomplish something wonderful with her lives and push forward with a positive attitude .

Besides that , she has abundant positivity that energizes everyone around them an she believes that her positivity will create a happy working environment to others .


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