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Leadership retains a larger scope whereas management comes within a confined scope. Managers only have to focus on dealing with workplace situations and held responsible for the actions of their subordinates. For a company, a good management produces an effective leadership. The internal and external affairs of a company can only be well managed with an effective management fostering quality leadership. Major decisions are taken by leaders and those decisions can be ambiguous or controversial under certain conditions. Leaders need to think in terms of creativity considering future within short and long terms.

They also have to tolerate the sacrifices of their companions or of their own belongings. Managers on the other hand have to abide by the predetermined laws and follow the directions given by the company. They have limited powers and duties as defined by the company. What are some decisions leaders must make? What are some decisions managers must make? For every group or a team, a leader tends to be that vision and direction that they follow. Management is only capable of directing such a group within the prescribed principles and values that they are already old to follow.

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A company should necessarily have both managers and leaders. A good management and a good leadership compliment each other however a good management is supposed to conceive an effective leadership. Good management is the first step towards leadership which comes from good management of internal and external affairs in the company. Management focuses on the present of the company while leadership focuses on the future of the company within long terms. Primarily, a good management is essential to control the internal and external affairs of the company.

Effective leadership rises when both internal and external affairs of the company come in synch with each other which initiates a strong performance on behalf of the company In present and future terms. Personally I believe that if the manager fails to achieve his primary objective, the responsibility should be passed on to someone devoted and competent to achieve the core objective. What is effective leadership? What obstacles may hinder effective leadership? What tools effectively reduce leadership obstacles in an organization? When and how should these tools be used?

Effective leadership comes with developing connection with the workers of a team from the bottom. It is considered popular on a major scale and it does not have to bind itself within limits of specific interests or pressure groups. An effective leadership focuses on looking at all things in perspective rather than the selective ones. The effective leadership can be harmed or distorted if the team and the leader develop misconceptions and when the decisions are not made for the good objective of the team. It may also develop when a pressure group comes into play and their decisions are preferred over the sororities.

Also, the sycophants and the bureaucrats play their role once added into weakening the leadership process. A leader, as expected from its team, is supposed to be loyal to the team members. If the leader shows more interest into his team members, the team members develop decisions based on their self interest and not for the team results itself. The tools and techniques mentioned before must be used only when the leader has forgotten its main objective of leading the team or when the common good for the team members has been misplaced.

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