Laws:”Laws a law, you may have to

Laws:”Laws are rules developed by governments to provide balance in society and protection to its citizens” ( Dr. Arturo Perez,2017).Examples of some laws: When we are on the road, we should follow the traffic rules based on the law. In other way, if a person caught on robbery or any other crime, he must be punished according to the law.Laws can be categorized into public laws (rules in the society), private laws (rules between individuals), federal laws (government laws) etc.Who Should follow the laws? Laws apply to everyone equally.What if you break the law? If you break a law, you may have to pay a fine, pay for the damage you have done, in some cases you have go to jail.Ethics and Morals:Ethics and morals relate to “right” and “wrong” conduct. While ethics refer to “rules provided by an external source” (Diffen LLC,2018)Examples: rules to follow in workplaces or standards (principles) in religions.Ethics are important because they help us to understand what is good and bad and to choose between right and wrong actions.Morals refer to an individual’s own principles regarding right and wrong (or good and bad).Some common examples of morals are Help everyone,do not cheat, tell the truth, keep your promises,Treat everyone equal etc.Now, let us consider an example of when a law may be broken, but it is right morally and ethically. I heard a story about a person who is badly injured in an accident and admitted in the hospital. Even though the person must take a major operation to live, the doctors did not start the treatment right away. There are two reasons for this, one is as it was an accident the police must file the case and since it was a major operation, family members of the patient must agree and sign the documents for the treatment. But the patient’s family members were not in the hospital at the moment The doctor must follow these rules as they are according to the law. But as a doctor he should save a human life which is ethically and morally correct.In this case, the doctor agreed to break the law and successfully completed the operation and save the person. By this, we can understand that even though the doctor broke the law he was ethically and morally right since he saved a life.


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