Lawrence of master morality in his view

Lawrence Hatab focuses on the relation between master and slave morality in the first part of GM, asking how it became possible that master morality surrendered its power and was supplanted by slave morality. Possible explanations for the decline of master morality in his view include the growing domestication of culture, an exhaustion of externalized forms of power, and the novel attractions of internalized power, such as Socratic dialectic. Hatab then fleshes out the ambiguities inherent to the master-slave-distinction, showing that the turn to slave morality in Nietzsche’s view not only endangered but also enhanced cultural life by a creative redirection of power that brought about higher culture. Finally, he argues that what Nietzsche hopes for in overcoming the tradition’s life-averse character “is not a return to master morality, but the self-overcoming of the tradition, a cultural renovation that is possible only by way of the tradition’s overcoming of original master morality.” (213)


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