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Last Wednesday, I attended to Karls Hall to listen to Assistant Professor of Political Science at George Washington University Samuel Goldman talk about his book and what he studies in. His studies revolve around debates about sources about religious political norms and values.

Since Jews are returning to the Holy Land in Israel, people are starting to believe that it Jesus is coming back for the second time. Goldman starts off his informative speech by explaining what Vice President Mike Pence speech on Jerusalem was about. During the Pence’s speech, he talked about the connection Jews have with the Holy Land and how Christians want Jews to restore their homeland. He also explained why Christians have a special duty to protect the Holy Land again. Pence also talks about how Americans are chosen by God to help other people. Then, Goldman talked about how sometimes people refer President Trump to a king. Some people believe that comparing Trump or any president to a king is disrespectful; however, people have been comparing several presidents to a king figure for several years now. People compare the two together because leaders can help advance the interests of believers and help make their faith stronger.

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However, some Jews are making the comparison between the two because Trump has supported Jews before.Lastly, he talks about how John Adams and how he reflected the Jews in early America. Adams saw Jews as ancient people who helped create the groundwork for Christianity. He believed that Jews should be treated with respect and be protected under the law.

Overall, I thought it was an excellent informative speech. However, I was confused on some parts because I did not have enough knowledge to understand the content all the way. He talked a little fast and sometimes I could not understand what he was trying to say, but I could tell he was passionate about the topic. Since I went to the speaker, it helped me learn more about Jews and Jerusalem history and religious connections.


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