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Last leadership approach, transactional this approach focus on work as well as the good relevance in a swap for desirable rewards. Transactional focusing for the fulfilment on the job and perfect mutual relations between the leader and the employees. when the leader sees, the employer got the required, he got the contingent reward happens. The leader watches employees, to explore the error or violates rules, so he can punish them (Foon,2016). The company for the Transactional leader’s style at the group level tends to reward structure and conformity of the rules for the company. The policies of this company it can stifle creativity (Bryant, 2003). There are many examples of transactional leader can be seen in our life like in the military or in sports. Also, some of the famous transactional leaders can include Bill Gates and Vince Lombardi. We will focus on Bill Gates. He is the perfect example of the transactional leader. he is the founder of Microsoft in 1976, the largest producer of software for personal computers, and the richest man in the world (Vernon, 2017). Also, he does many good things to the words and he has done much Charity for the poor people. Microsoft company is famous for giving huge remuneration packages for her employees. On the begin, when he created Microsoft, he was looking for the behaviour, like rewarding good work and punishing poor performance. He was a tyrannical leader but he never made rash impedance ; used compulsion to manipulate others or to gain personal benefit Personal Powers. he focused on results and was concerned about his intentions more than the group or teams (Pettinger ; Tejvan,2015). Also, he has some side of a transformational leader (n.d.). The bad leaders are resistant to everything new. They nonflexible and didn’t welcome changes. Bill Gates was as bad leaders because lacked innovative spirit and resistant to changes. He poor the capacity to perform the projects. Gates was mastermind beyond Microsoft, Gates use an autocratic leadership style that complements the decisive moment necessary to maintain leverage over any contest (Francis, 2014). He tends to not be conducive to creative as the controlling aspect of it hinders an employee’s ability to be creative (Pettinger ; Tejvan,2015). Even he was an autocratic leader but he never made rash threats ; used restraint to manipulate others or to gain personal benefits (Youth,2015).


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