“Land on. What they didn’t know was that

“Land ho!” The army triumphantly celebrated as their fleet of ships sailed closer to what they thought was an island no man had ever set foot on.

What they didn’t know was that there was already a hidden civilisation that lived on that island, and they were only a few metres away. The villagers stared and gasped…The colour drained from their faces as hundreds of vessels, as big as blue whales, docked on the shores of Spainviola and lowered their anchors. Janice was horrified as she saw thousands of men in British uniform; their pale faces creased with determination as they drew out their lethal metallic weapons.

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The British army aimed at the petrified citizens of Spainviola as General Bradshaw scanned the crowd in pure disgust. It made all the children cry in fear; it made all the dogs howl and growl like wolves; it made all the Spainviolians scream and shout.General Bradshaw swiftly aimed his rifle at the sky and pulled the trigger; one piercing bang echoed through the small village and the noise ceased immediately.

No one dared to move a single muscle as they stared anxiously at the evil invaders, one move would be their deadly demise. “All men gather to the centre immediately!” commanded the General in a low gruff voice. The village men reluctantly shuffled towards the centre where they were cuffed in rusted metal chains and roughly pushed aside as the General shouted orders in their faces. Janice suddenly recognised a familiar face in the crowd of chained men—her Papa!Janice’s Papa’s eyes bulged with fear and his face paled as white as the sand blizzards in Summer. His home country had never been invaded in a million years, but he assumed the consequences would be dire.

As Janice’s eyes tore off her beloved Papa, she frantically tried to find her Mama in the paralysed crowd of thousands. It was impossible. When she finally found her Mama, her heart lifted with everlasting joy and warm salty tears flooded her eyes as she bolted to her like a sniper bullet and embraced one another in true affection.

The moment didn’t last…One pull of the trigger, a piercing bang and her mother fell to the ground, lifeless. How can they do this? Janice thought as she was cuffed in rusted chains, Why? Because they’re invaders, heartless and vile. As anger and hatred churned in her insides she finally found the courage to do something. Even though she was in chains, she elbowed the nearest soldier in the stomach and took his rifle as he lay on the floor groaning in pain. She swiftly aimed at General Bradshaw and with all her might she pulled the trigger.


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