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Windows 7 attempt to automatically detect a printer connected to the computer? Windows 7 does not do this automatically because printers connected to ALP ports are not detectable.

If you have a printer that connects to a JIBS port, Windows 7 detects it and launches the wizard as soon as you plug it in. 1 1 . Take a screen shot of the Devices and Printers control panel with the new printer icon you created by pressing Alt+Part Sir, and then paste the resulting image into the label_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing CTR+V.

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Exercise 9. 2Sharing a Printer With the printer installed on the computer, you are ready to make it available to network users by creating a printer share and publishing it in the Active Directory database. Completion time 5 min tutees Question 2 How can you tell whether the printer has been shared? Yes, I can tell the printer has been shared. In the description view pane hover the mouse arrow over the “State”. Exercise 9. 3 Controlling Access to a Printer The new printer you installed has been in use for several weeks, and there have been some administrative problems you must address.First, from aiding the printer’s page counter and the amount of paper consumed, it is apparent that someone is using the printer to generate an enormous amount of personal work after business hours. While it is not practical to secure the printer physically, you can restrict the hours in which it can be used.

In addition, you can limit who has access to the printer by using permissions. Another problem is that users are sending print jobs requiring paper of various sizes to the printer, and when a specific type of paper is not available, the entire print queue is halted until someone inserts the correct paper for hat particular job.There have also been several instances in which a users computer crashed while printing a job and in which a user tried to interrupt a job as it was printing, thereby causing the queue to be stalled until the partial job was removed. In Exercise 9.

3, you configure the advanced properties of the logical printer you created in Exercise 9. 1 to create a more secure printing environment and prevent these problems from occurring. Completion time 15 minutes Question 3 Which of the problems described earlier will this setting help to prevent and how? This setting will prevent using printer from pm to 9 am, only domain user can use this printer. 2.

Take a screen shot of the Security tab displaying the new permissions you created by pressing Alt+Part Sir, and then paste the resulting image into the label_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing CTR+V. Exercise 9. 4 Creating an Additional Logical Printer After modifying the printer permissions and other properties in Exercise 9. 3, you have found that the unauthorized use of the WHIPLASH printer has stopped. However, you received some complaints from company executives ho wanted to use the printer during a late meeting with clients and were unable to do so because it was past 5:00 PM.Some of these executives were also upset because their print jobs had to wait in the queue, just like everyone else’s. As a result, you must find a way to provide selected users with unlimited, priority printer access, while still limiting the access granted to other users. In Exercise 9.

4, you create a second printer for the same print device and use it to provide additional access to the late-working executives (whom you have added to the Administrators group on the print server imputer). Completion time Question 4 How will modifying the Priority value help to achieve your goals?Print jobs are send to WHIPLASH-2 printer will have a highest priority and will significantly reduce time for a print job to complete. Question 5 How do these permission modifications help to achieve your desired goals? This permission modifications will prevent everyone to print their job to the printer, and will only allow users at the currently in CAL of printer permissions to print their documents. Lab Challenge: Creating Printer pool Completion time As the next phase of the printer deployment at Cantos, Ltd.

The IT director has allocated five identical Laser 5200 printers to be used as a printer pool for the Order Entry department. Unlike the WHIPLASH printer you installed earlier in this lab, which connected to the computer using an ALP port, these five printers all have Hewlett Packard Jittered network interface adapters in them that have already been assigned the following IP addresses: 10. 10. 2. 2 10.

10. 2. 3 10.

10. 2. 4 10.

10. 2. 5 10. 10. 2.

6 To complete this challenge, your task is to create a printer on your arrogation and share it with the network using the name WHIPLASH OWE Pool.You must then configure the printer to function as a printer pool using the IP addresses cited earlier. Write out the procedure you used to create and configure the printer, and then take a screen shot [ALT+PART SIR] of the Ports tab in the WHIPLASH OWE pool Properties sheet and paste it into your worksheet. 1 .

Why did I do this lab? I did this lab because it help me understand how to setup a printer and share with other users through Active Directory. And how to create an additional logical printer, create a printer pool. . What did I learn?Before doing this lab, I don’t know can setup an additional logical printer for the same print device to provide different level access. When it comes to advanced setting, it gives me option to choose printer available time and priority. It becomes very useful when you want to control printing cost.

When we have more than 1 printer , we can give different printer an static IP and 3. How can apply this to the real world? At my work place, I have tickets from give permission for printing for group of user, to scan to network drive.

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