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Tell us where to park it” (Kook’s Official Web). Highlights of Kook’s classic menu include Spicy Pork Tacos, Chime Quadrilles and Short Rib Sliders. “If L. A. Had a song, you’d hear it in the first bite. If L. A. Had an anthem, you’d find it in your first meal” (Koki). The New York Times said, “The food at Koki Korean BBC-To-Go, the taco vendor that has overtaken Los Angels, does not fit into any known culinary category. ” This pioneer of food truck and icon of LA street food has been made by LA son: Roy Choc.

The fact was that “Choc was a once gambler and early a gangster, and a stoner from youth who was quick to fight, slow to wake” ( The New York Times). When he was young, he was surrounded by different types of people including latchkey knuckleheads, smart kids with bad attitudes, Armenian gem dealers, drug connects, playful college students, dishwashers and card players. Traditionally, this environment was not good for a child’s development. Nevertheless, all happened in our life means something. This unique childhood gave Choc the seed the passion and pursuit for street-food culture.

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Roy Choc wrote in his memoir: LA SON: When 26, he was half drunk and high, filled with the usual self-hatred and self-pity, staring listlessly at this New Orleans chef with a New England accent cooking French food. At that moment, his future seemed directly to him: Cooking would be his life. In 2007, Choc became chef De cuisine at the Beverly Hilton. It was there that he met his future partner, Mark Manger, a Philippine-American and the founder of Koki- One year later, Coho’s company, Koki, was founded with partners Mark Manger and his wife, Caroline Shin-Manger.

At the beginning, Choc and his team were driving through streets of Los Angels regarded like LOGO, and they just sent out Twitter alerts to increase their customers. Also, they gave free sample to students and Pedestrians advertise. In addition, they parked the truck in front of the Green Door of Hollywood to freely serve the food floggers and invite them to broadcast their foods. By these ways, Koki was gradually got popular in Los Angels. “During the Koki era, street food was crowned king as Roy tapped into his own veins, digging pep into the base flavors that raised him on the streets Of LA” (Kook’s Official Web).

Today, Koki is just one piece of Coho’s food empire. There are restaurants (Check and A-Frame), a famous memoir, L. A. Son; a hotel, The Line in LA Korean Town that Choc designed and filled with his restaurants; and a new CNN. Com series called Street Food. I have been to The Line hotel, it is really special that all the windows are covered with colorful rolling door, and the inside is like the original industry studio. All of his products are special and stand for something new.

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