Kwame As he said, “my parents built a

Kwame Korankye

Professor Regan

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English 112

24 January 2018

Media Is Good for Kids

Jones “Violent Media is Good for Kids” is an interesting article that grabs any
reader’s attention by starting with his story. He uses his personal encounter
to set an imperative, more serious and persuasive tone in his article. Jones
stressed on the introduction and mostly contains personal experience and opinions,
it serves as a strong example for the argument that Jones is presenting. The purpose
of Jones’ essay is to persuade parents and guardians to let their kids and children
watch and play violent cartoons and video games. Personally, I 100% agree with
his point and argument.

             Majority of the content in his article is clearly aimed towards
emotions such as loneliness, anger, and insecurity. This is a feeling everybody
go through or experience including kids and children. Jones makes sure that
everybody knows it. In fact, Jones places much attention on children. By doing
this, he gets parents interested in what he is trying to argue and put across.
Everybody wants to do what is best for their children, right? Well, Jones
thinks this as well.

begins his argument by providing examples from when he was a child. He speaks of
how his parents sheltered him from the violent elements of pop culture, as they
thought that children should not be exposed to such things. As he said, “my
parents built a wall between me and the crudest elements of American pop
culture”.  As a child, my parents did
this as well. While many parents believe that violence games and cartoons or
movies is inappropriate for young children, Jones argues that it can help them.
He brings up how many children are taught to suppress their deepest feelings
and emotions and pretend that the “negative” emotions don’t exist. These
negative emotions consist of things such as envy, greed, fear, power, and rage.
Violent games educate kids a lot about these things and how they can use these
emotions in an efficient way. Jones uses a personal example from his early life
which he stated, “I had a fantasy self to carry my stifled rage and buried
desire for power when I discovered the Hulk”. This is very powerful to me.
Prior to reading this article, it had never occurred to me or never thought of
violent media to help children and kids in such a big way.  At this point Jones mentions Melanie Moore, a
psychologist that works with urban kids. Moore said that natural emotions are
important for people to feel, and by teaching kids about them, we can teach our
kids on how to be more controlled and confident in themselves. I think that
this is something that every parent should know and apply.

Rage and a desire for power are natural
human emotions, and I’m very glad that Jones mentions this in his essay.
Instead of teaching children to ignore something that is natural about
themselves, we should be educating them about it. Jones brings up a good point
by saying, “pretending to have superhuman powers helps children conquer the
feelings of powerlessness that inevitably come with being so young and small.
By presenting characters in pop culture that display these violent emotions,
children learn about them. After explaining these emotions and how they can
benefit children, Jones goes on to give specific examples. Like how he
mentioned his personal experience with violence in media, Jones mentions a
little girl who saw this violence and projected it in her school by reenacting
what she saw on TV. In addition, she would break rules and test the limits that
her teachers and society had set. Jones talks about how he worked with this
girl and taught her to draw comics to release those emotions into. This not
only taught her about the emotions, but how she could project them in a healthy
way.  I have really connected with this
story because I also express violent emotions through and have powerful mind

By including these personal stories,
Jones continued to strengthen and elaborate his intentions. He introduced a
counter-argument, which I believe was phenomenal addition to his argument.
Jones says that he does realize that sometimes violent entertainment is not
always good. He acknowledges, “that it has aided inspire some people to act
right in real-life violence”. He goes on to use this negative effect in an
interesting way. Instead of going more in-depth on this fact, he introduced the
notion that for every person who has used violent media in a negative way, that
same violent media has helped hundreds of other individuals. I agree with this
statement completely. As Jones says, sheltering children from violent media is
only making it more likely for them to grow up feeling insecure and powerless.
By exposing them to violence, however, it helps children grow into powerful and
confident adults.


            While I think
that the content of his article is very powerful and convincing, the
architecture of the article is weak. The first half of the essay serves as the
preamble. Jones sets the mood and introduces his argument by making this
section of the essay long, but he could have shortened it. Having such a large
portion of an essay just to introduce the main point can make the reader grow
bored. In addition, his thoughts seem to be very scattered, he was basically
all over the place. Jones goes from talking about a personal experience, to
mentioning a statistic, and then back to a personal statement. He has many
instances of personal experiences mixed in with the experience of others,
making this a messy and sort of confusing in a way. I believe that the
structure of Jones’ essay would have been stronger if he had shortened his
introduction and organized his personal experience and the experience of others
in separate paragraphs, rather than grouping them together. He expressed a lot
of logos and pathos in his material.

                   He made a sophisticated argument in his essay. The structure
isn’t very effective, but the content of the essay makes up for it. His
argument is clearly stated from the very beginning and he continues to strengthen
it throughout the rest of his essay. I agree with everything that he includes
in his essay and I believe every parent should know about this awesome material.




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