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Kundera’s ClaimIn Testaments Betrayed, Milan Kundera, a writer from Czech, shows that public and private life should be separated. Milan emphasizes this a lot, because without the distinct boundary between public and private life, the person becomes exposed to judgment, secrets and lies, making whoever it is hard for a “man to live free.” As people act very differently when they are in public vs in private, people say and do things when they are alone that would be beyond inappropriate behavior as if they were in public.

The boundaries between the two sides should not be messed with, as he says that “curtain rippers are criminals”. The boundaries have been broken between celebrities, in high school and in politics. In the passage, Kundera tells the invasion of Jan Prochazka’s privacy.

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Kundera explains that by publicly broadcasting Prochazka’s private conversations, the Russian police robbed him of the “very ground of life of the individual.” Kundera argues that privacy is “the value one must defend beyond all others” and that the violation of anyone’s privacy should be strictly forbidden. In the recent years that boundary has been broken, as celebrities and professional athletes are now viewed as rude and disrespectful because of the true criminals, paparazzi. These “hungry” paparazzi are constantly trying to expose the personal life of many celebrities, that makes most people lose respect for whoever it is about.

Some of these things can be extremely embarrassing, as they don’t necessarily want it to be publicly displayed for a random stranger on their laptop.


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