Kumari always believed when people are rich and

Kumari Ranjana (2011) (1) Director of the Centre for Social research said the findings were worrisome and threatening’ because we always believed when people are rich and educated they will be more socially aware but that is not the case, rich and educated couples or families have engaged in female foeticide because they have the means to get it done. It increases the illegal induction of pregnancy, which is a great concern for us. It increases the gender gap and give rise to risk to maternal health.Park K (2010) (2) has two stated objectives: to address the needs of families, notably women and children, and to reduce population growth. The thrust of programme focused on achieving demographic targets by increasing contraceptive prevalence and notably female sterilization. In these process women’s needs have been generally overlooked by the programme and the consequences of this neglect in terms of poor reproductive health, are disbursing. There is an urgent need to reorient programme priorities to focus more holistically on reproductive health needs that is services that respond to women, s health needs in a way which are sensitive to socio- economics, socio-cultural constraints women and adolescent girls faces acquiring services and expressing health needs regarding reproductive health.


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