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Known by the popular broadway musical, Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers, is one of the few people that made a such a powerful impact politically, that his ideas are still in use today, and he was as famously known as the presidents of the United States of America.

Hamilton helped in creating the foundation of the republic still in power today. Hamilton started off studying at Columbia University, but had to stop due to the American Revolution. His command prevented the attack of Washington’s main army and showed Washington he was loyal to the country. He and Washington became acquainted with one another even after he had resigned from the war. He wanted to work on the battlefield and Washington declined, therefore Hamilton decided he wanted to create a bigger and more famous legacy. Hamilton showed all the weaknesses of the newly found government through letters to Congress. He believed that the Articles of Confederation were the main reason the government’s power was weakened.

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He focused on the loyalist and got acts targeted against them repealed. He took a seat in legislature in 1787 as a delegate. He drew up the draft of address which created the Constitutional Convention. He wanted a centralized government that could replace the Articles of Confederation.

He devised a plan that showed how the government should be run. He believed that the government should have unlimited control over how the states should be run. His speech of this idea had no impact on the delegates as they created the constitution.

Even though he was strongly opposed to the new Constitution he signed it as an individual. The people of New York were outraged by this and attacked the new constitution. Hamilton answered the people of New York in newspapers under fake names. When that did not work he collaborated with James Madison and John Jay to write a series of 85 essays known as The Federalist. It was composed of the defense of the republican government and it appearing many newspapers starting in October 1787.

Hamilton’s portion explained the powers of each branch of government. It was read around the nation and helped shaped people’s ideas about the new constitution. Due to the writing of these paper’s Hamilton became “chief Champion of the Constitution.

“Hamilton was later appointed the first secretary of the treasury by George Washington, in which Congress asked him to create an “adequate support of the public credit”. His goals were to establish credit within America and also with allying countries.


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