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The important purposes of law now are to ensure fairness and consistency and emphasize individual rights. 2. Identify the true statement about the role of law in the United States. A. The law has no influence on commerce and business transactions.

B. The law is yet to introduce legal mechanisms to ensure equality in the workplace. C. The law plays a role in fostering trust and reliability among merchants and consumers. D. The focus of law has now significantly shifted to domination and power. The law is important in commerce as it promotes good faith dealing among recreants and consumers and also brings reliability to business dealings. .

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Which of the following is one of the purposes of law today? A. Acting as a change agent for commerce B. Promoting domination C. Embracing discrimination laws D. Excluding commercial transactions from the purview of law The Correct Answer is: A. It is important to recognize that the law serves as an important change agent for commerce by promoting good faith dealing among merchants and consumers and offering some degree of reliability in business planning and commercial transactions.

Concept: The role and structure of the American judiciary . Identify the true statement about the American judiciary.A. All courts interpret laws and take decisions independently. B. Certain courts have the duty to evaluate the actions of other courts.

C. All courts are charged with the responsibility of judicial review. D. Every court has the authority to hear all kinds of cases. Incorrect: The Correct Answer is: B. In the American judiciary, certain courts take up the responsibility of judicial review. This means that these courts review the judgments and actions taken by lower courts and other government agencies to ensure that the existing saws are followed and constitutional requirements are met.

5.What is the function of an appellate court? A. To review petitions filed by losing parties B. To review the actions of federal courts C. To conduct trial proceedings for lawsuits D. To conduct trials for issues involving violations of federal Statutes If a losing party in a lawsuit wishes to file an appeal, the first document will have to be filed with an appellate court. 6. Identify the courts that conduct primary trials for issues that involve federal matters such as federal regulations and statutes.

The courts also hear a range f matters and provide decisions that are binding only on the parties involved.A. Appellate courts B. Circuit Courts of Appeal C.

U. S. District courts D.

State trial courts U. S. District Courts conduct trials, but for matters that involve federal statutes and federal regulations. They may also hear cases involving state regulations if the parties are from two different states. In addition, the courts hear a range of matters and may provide decisions that are binding only on the parties involved. Concept: Forms of alternative dispute resolution 7. What is true about arbitration as an alternative form of dispute resolution? A.

The arbitrator functions like a judge in a standard trial.B. The arbitrator is not authorized to demand the testimony of witnesses in any dispute. C.

The arbitrators final decision must be approved by a higher court. D. The arbitrators decision cannot be questioned under any circumstances. The arbitrator plays the role of a judge in arbitration proceedings. The two parties present their arguments in the proceedings and the final decision is taken by the arbitrator. 8. Sigma Inc.

And Beta LLC. Are two companies involved in a dispute. Both companies have agreed to appoint a third party, an attorney, to listen to their arguments and help them reach an agreement.The third party, however, will not render any kind of decision for the two parties involved. What type of alternative form of dispute resolution is being used by Sigma Inc. And Beta LLC.

? A. Arbitration Mediation B. C. Expert evaluation D. Trial In mediation, the two parties appoint a mediator to help them come to an agreement. The mediator hears arguments from both parties and helps them come to a solution. However, the final decision is not taken by the mediator. 9.

In certain cases, the legal issues involve the intricacies of a specific industry or profession.In such cases, which type of alternative dispute resolution is used in which a neutral professional is hired to assess and evaluate facts and arguments. The professional is expected to come up with an appropriate solution or recommendation. The professional could also collect more information, if required, for the case. A.

Mediation B. Negotiation C. Standing D. Expert evaluation The Correct Answer is: D.

In expert evaluation, a neutral expert is hired to assess and evaluate facts and arguments of a case and come up with an appropriate solution. The expert could also collect more information, if required, for the case.

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