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It focuses primarily on the malfunctioning in the environment rather than the individual. C. It emphasizes that illnesses have an organic basis. D. It focuses on the strengths of the client and not on problems. Correct: The Correct Answer is: C.

The medical model is influenced by the medical profession. This model focuses on the organic basis Of illnesses which can be cured by medical intervention. 2. Nathan is a professional helper. He is qualified to evaluate symptoms, diagnose illnesses, and come up with a treatment plan to cure the illnesses.

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Nathan also focuses on the organic causes of diseases.Identify the model of service delivery that Nathan uses. A. The medical model B. The social service model C. The human service model D. The environment model The Correct Answer is: A.

Focuses on the organic basis of illnesses, which can be cured by medical intervention. Four important factors of the medical model are symptom, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. 3. Which is the correct statement about the history Of the medical model? A.

Until the 18th century, only electric shock therapy was used for the treatment of mental illnesses. B. The psychoanalytic method completely replaced the medical model in the late 19th century. C.The psychoanalytic method involved the use of psychotropic drugs.

D. Psychiatry began to be known as a discipline at the end of the 1 8th century. The Correct Answer is: D. Psychiatry developed as a discipline at the end of the 1 8th century when Philippe Pineal took over as the Head of the Hospice De Bickerer and then of Slipperier?two mental institutions in France. Philippe Pineal introduced the medical model into the treatment of individuals with mental illnesses.

Concept: The public health model 4. Select the true statement about the public health model. A. It is not multidisciplinary. B. It is not linked to the medical model.C.

It does not focus on prevention like the medical model. D. It is not independent of societal factors. The public health model recognizes that individuals’ problems may have a link with social problems. The model emphasizes that a problem can have many causes and seeks to identify those causes by gathering information from people.

5. Gabrielle is a professional helper at a large organization. Her efforts and those of her colleagues are focused on the welfare of large groups of people. They understand that a problem has various causes and that social factors and the well-being of individuals are connected.Most of their efforts are also focused on the prevention of illnesses and ailments. Which model of delivery is described here? A. The psychoanalytic model B. The public health model C.

The human services model D. The physiological model The Correct Answer is: B. The public health model aims to improve the present and the future quality of life and to alleviate health problems.

The model also emphasizes the prevention of health problems. 6. In 1 850, Lempel Shattuck prepared a report on the need for improved sanitation and disease control in Massachusetts, considered to be most influential in the history of the public health system.

What did this report recommend? A. The development of state mental health facilities B. The creation of state and local boards of health C. An increase in recruitment efforts for nurses for the armed forces D. The improvement of medical facilities in army camps Lempel Shattuck prepared a report on the need for improved sanitation and disease control in Massachusetts which is considered the most farsighted and influential in the history of public health system. The report declared the need for improved sanitation and disease control and the creation of state and local boards of health.Concept: The human service model . Identify the characteristic of the human service model.

A. It focuses on the deficits and weakness of an individual rather than on strengths. B. It views individuals as patients. C. It uses problem solving as the fundamental approach to treatment. D.

It views all problems as arising from physiological conditions. The human service model uses problem solving as the fundamental approach to treatment. It emphasizes the importance of correctly identifying the problems and capitalizing on the strengths of the clients to solve them. 8.

Halley is a psychologist whose efforts are aimed at helping her clients identify ND solve their problems. While planning treatment for her clients, Halley takes into account the social and environmental contexts of her clients. She also emphasizes identifying and capitalizing on the strengths of her clients. Which model of service delivery does Halley most likely follow? A. The human service model B. The medical model C.

The public health model D. The escalation model 9. What is the theme of the human service model? A. The service should have a future-oriented approach.B.

A specific rather than a generic focus should set the human service model apart. C. The helper takes a person’s environment into account when helping. D. All the decisions should be taken by the human service professional during the process of helping. The human service model focuses on treating the “whole person. ” This means that the helper should assess the clients situation taking his or her environment into account. Many disciplines will have to be used in order to meet the different needs of the client.

Concept: Motivations for choosing a helping profession 10.What is a likely problem if a person’s motivation for choosing the helping field is a desire for self-exploration? A. The helper can make the client overly dependent.

B. The helper may tend to focus less on the clients concerns. C. The helper may fail to relate to the client’s situation.

D. The helper may expect all clients to passively follow instructions. A wish to explore oneself can motivate individuals to choose the helping field. This motivation can cause problems as the helper’s desire for self-exploration may come in the way of focusing on the client’s needs. 11.Beatrice successfully recovered from a psychological trauma in her childhood with the help of a warm and positive psychologist. She has ever since plopped a respect for and a profound interest in the field of helping and is keen to pursue a career in it.

What problem is Beatrice most likely to face in her career as a helper with this kind of motivation? A. She may expect all her clients to be responsive and cooperative. B. She is likely to ignore the environment of the clients. C. She may develop a tendency to focus only on the weaknesses of the clients.

D. She may expect all her clients to be passive recipients of treatment.People who have had good experiences of receiving help realize the value of helping and this could become their motivation to choose a helping reversion.

One problem associated with this sort of motivation is that the helper may expect all the clients to be as participative and positive as he or she was as a client. 12. Which motivation of the helper for choosing the helping field is most likely to result in the client becoming more dependent on the helper and less participative in the helping process? A. A wish to explore his or her own thoughts and feelings B. A wish to gather knowledge C. A desire to learn about different people D.

A wish to exercise control Helpers who are motivated by a desire to have control over things tend to aka their clients dependent on them. They would be ideal for managerial or administrative roles in the helping field. Concept: Values and characteristics of effective professional helpers Mastery 13. Natalie, a human service professional, is helping a client who is a former pathological gambler. Natalie has never liked people who gamble, but she has learned not to be judgmental about her clients.

In her interactions with the client, she avoids criticizing the client and focuses more on how she can help him.What value of professional helpers is illustrated in this scenario? A. Tolerance B. Volatility C.

Individuality D. Authoritativeness Tolerance is the ability that helps human service professionals view their clients in a fair manner without being judgmental about them. Tolerance enables professional helpers focus on what needs to be done next rather than being occupied with the clients’ failures and shortcomings in the past. 14. Pedro, a psychologist, is very careful about the people with whom he shares information about his clients.

Pedro has always refused to divulge what the clients share with him to even their family members.

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