Knowing by bit each & everyday. Knowing

Knowing that giving someone importance is as much as giving a portion of your life, time, love, hate etc. Which you’d never going to get it back. Knowing that time doesn’t stop nor it’ll bring back what you’ve had even when you couldn’t see it.Knowing that grudges you’re holding onto killing you slowly, tearing you apart bit by bit each & everyday. Knowing that giving someone your heart will shatter into millions and millions of pieces you still go on with it having a hope.

Knowing that you’re being played, used, tortured, humiliated and you still go on as it is. Knowing that my life shouldn’t be depending on anyone’s opinions, thoughts even though it don’t matter when I know that I’m nothing just a liability to the people. Knowing that I care too much, love extremely, apparently, I’m losing my own importance while after awhile. #IHate

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