Know How To Recognise Signs Of Abuse essay

Emotional/psychological These types of abuse can be define as the use of threats, bribery and blackmail to instill fear and gain control of a persons thoughts regarding session making. Financial Is the inappropriate use of funds or theft of funds by another person. This type e of abuse is not only limited to money but can include the misuse or theft of below innings also, causing the vulnerable person to spend more money replacing any misused it mess. Situational This type of abuse can be defined as the mistreatment of a person’s wishes, beliefs or rituals for the sake of the smooth running of a group or organist Self neglect This can be defined as the failure to tend to your own basic needs such as, hygiene, nutrition, health (seeking medical assistance) and adequate housing and clothing. Neglect by others Can be defined as the failure to support another person who needs assistance from you, which could result in injury or illness.This type of abuse I includes lack of support with personal care, inadequate clothing, failure to assist with medicate ions when needed.

1. 2 Identify signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse: Physical Abuse Cluster bruising bruising of various ages bruising/cuts/grazes/burns in obscure places unexplainable injuries histories of medication overdoses/underdogs illness caused by dehydration or malnutrition mood changed or withdrawn behavior recurrence or aggression towards a certain person/career.Sexual Abuse Torn/stained/bloodied clothes(mainly underwear) pain/bruising/bleeding in the genital area Cuts/bruises to the thighs or arms difficulty in sitting or walking SST Is or pregnancy in a person unable to give consent change in behavior, disturbed sleep or bed wetting lack of concentration self injury and destructive behavior. Emotional/psychological Abuse Wary of certain career Displaying fearfulness Appearing submissive Low selfsame Tearfulness around career or at the mention of a certain career Agitated around certain career Financial Abuse Inability to pay regular bills Unaware of the financial situation/funds/benefits Lack Of personal belongings unaccounted money missing from bank account Unexpected Change of will/Deeds F-uncial representative reluctant to divulge information regarding funds Persons possessions going missing Institutional Abuse Lack of clean facilities/equipment No privacy Lack of dignity No choice regarding meal or bedtimes. Limited or no activities Restricted access to time away from the home Forced to give up control of funds Lack of clean clothing/bedding No supply of toiletries Inadequate staffing which leads to injury Poor standards of living Lack of running hot water or heating Illness due to malnutrition Dirty/torn or ill fitting clothing Misuse of medications Refusal of help from careers or other health professionals poor physical condition Poor personal hygiene Lack of adequate food Minimal or no support at mealtimes Lack of support with personal hygiene Failure to I provide correct pressure care when needed Inappropriate support with mobility Incorrect care provided, failure to read a persons care plan Lack of communication, making a person feel uneasy Failure to respect privacy causing a person to feel upset / vulnerable. 1.

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Describe possible factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse. Factors that may lead to an individual being more at risk of abuse than others might include mental capacity. The vulnerable person may suffer from conditions such as d meantime and not have a full understanding of what is happening. It might be the person is nun blew to report abuse due to lack of verbal skills caused by strokes.

Location can also cause a peers n to be more at risk of abuse, for example someone who is bed bound or spends a lot of time in their room is more at risk compared to someone who spends a lot of time in the communal I rooms.Someone who is being care for by a untrained career may be at a higher risk of abuse. Ac accidental abuse caused by careers can be caused by lack of knowledge or confidence. 2. 1 Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is been g abused.

If abuse is suspected it is my duty to protect the vulnerable person. My first AC Zion would be to remove the person from the abuse/ buses. Once the person is safe from harm it is my responsibility to report any suspicions I have to my manager verbally, later re cording my suspicions in a written report. Would keep safe any evidence of abuse which would then hand over for further examination or investigation. 2. Explain the actions to take if an individual alleges that they are being abuse If a person alleges they are being abused the first thing I would do is listen, all owe them to talk freely and not ask leading questions. I would try to remember as much detail as I could in order to write them down as soon as possible.

After listening to the person would r move them from the abusive situation to prevent further abuse. Once the person is safe I wool d explain that it is my responsibility to inform the manager of the allegation, I would ensure that the information was given on a need to know basis. I would try to preserve any evidence of ABA use for example, blood stained clothes or financial paperwork depending on the type of abuse.

Lastly would write my official statement writing clearly what I found and what was said bet when me and the person. Making sure to to keep it factual and not include my assumptions or arrears. 2. 3 Identify ways to ensure that evidence of abuse is preserved To preserve evidence of physical abuse would : Close of the area the abuse took place Prevent myself and others from touching anything In the room Ensure the bed linen, clothes etc remained unwashed Try to dissuade the person not to wash, to preserve DNA evidence Ensure all paperwork is given to the correct person To preserve financial abuse I would gather any paperwork relating to the sups acted financial abuse.

Bank statements, wills, deeds, receipts and loan agreement papers etcNeglect can be easily spotted and physical evidence is very rarely needed to b jack up claims. Although photos can be taken of living conditions etc. 3.

1 Identify national policies and local Systems that relate to safeguarding and protection from abuse. National Safeguarding vulnerable groups 2006 This legislation was put in place to stop unsuitable people from working with vulnerable people. It put in place a veto Eng and barring scheme which prevents unsuitable people from working with the full arable.

Human rights act 1998 This act was put in place to ensure all people are treat d equally and fairly regardless of citizenship or nationality.

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