King s Speech critic essay

Every man is born with difficulties, each imperfection with its own challenges, but only a few are truly able to conquer and evolve from such difficulties. In this particular case, Prince Albert, from the movie “The King’s Speech”, has a speech impediment, making speeches and oral communication rather difficult. The movie tells his story of becoming king and conquering his stammer.

Mr.. Roger Bert reviewed “The Kings Speech”, written by David Seedier, in 2010 and gave it a four out of four stars. Mr.. Bert did a very thorough job when reviewing the movie.He started with a background to the story and went forth to the main points in the movie. His review not only mentioned Albertan, also known as “Bertie”, struggle and perseverance but also the strong support Elizabeth provided for her husband and the friendship of Lionel Loge, the king’s unorthodox speech therapist.

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Mr.. Bert created a vivid image Of the unfamiliar relationship the soon to be king and a common man.

The only portion of the movie that was critical yet missed in the review, regarding Lionel and Berth’s relationship, was the break down the soon king had during the rehearsal.This scene gave Bertie the courage to perform the ending speech and strengthened Lionel and King Vic’s trust. After watching the movie several times through, I agree with Mr.. Beer’s comments and review. The acting done by the main cast was superb. It was an entertaining movie that provided a powerful message of courage.

The critic gave complements to both director Tom Hooper and the main cast. The movie was greatly executed. Mr.

. Bert especially applauded the acting of Albert, played by Colic Firth, during the ending scene; he stated, ‘that fraught scene was masterful” (Roger).

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