Kim to determine who exactly he is

Kim was having two states. he once confirms his European identity, and once denies it. From one perspective, there are his Oriental characteristics, then again, he realizes his whiteness and Irish nationality: Thus, although there is no identification for Kim, he does not mind being in these two states. However, Kim did not stay like this, after a certain point, his European and his Oriental identity started to compete. He started noticing that he is an Irish boy with a white skin, and he is the son of an Irish soldier. He is not very dark like what he used to think.
Mentors play a critical role in the life of Kim as he struggles to determine who exactly he is and his place in life. At the start of the book, he is all alone in the world, except for the half -cast woman that his father left him with when he died. Through a series of events, Kim finds himself traveling and learning from a variety of mentors .Lama, he is a Buddhist man who was making Kim to reach enlightenment .Lama learned Kim the myths of Buddha and made it his own objective to search for the river.; Mahbub Ali, he is a Muslim horse-trader; he was the one that is responsible for Kim to become a member in the Secret service. Lurgan Sahib, he was the one who teaches Kim how to be a spy; Colonel Creighton and Father Victor, both of then push Kim strongly to get education; and Mookerje, who also aids in Kim’s training as a spy.

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