KickICO and tokens) meaning you’ll get double benefit,

KickICO is a criptocurrency that attempts to make much easier fundraisingfor decentralized organizations, it provides a platform for ICO (Initial CoinOfferings). The company was founded in 2015 and nowadays is headquartered inRussia. KickCoin (KC) is a Ethereum based token that follows the ERC-20standard.

KickCoins makes you unscammable while you use it to supportfundraising campaigns. Thepresident (CEO) and also the founder is Anti Danilevski, Alexander Petrov andAndrew Perepelitsa are co-founders and also work as CFO and CTO respectively.The founder has been specializing in the successful implementation ofcrowdfunding projects since 2010, but, he has seen many times a ton ofbeautiful projects that collected fundings and then disappear, so when theBlockchain appeared he decided to step forward.Incomparison to other platforms that takes almost half of the money that’s beingcollected KickICO only takes a 4% fee for ICO campaigns and crowdfundingcampaigns but only takes it when the project has successfully finishedfundraising, so it means that practically all the money goes to the creators inthe form of cryptocurrency.

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The KickICO platform has a lot of flexibility andallows you to support three kind of fundraising campaigns: ICO, crowdfundingand crowdinvesting: when you support ICO or crowdinvesting campaigns you gettwo currencies at once (KickCoins and tokens) meaning you’ll get doublebenefit, and if you support crowdfunding campaigns you’ll receive KickCoinsthat will insure you if the project fails.KickICOdoesn’t have the problem that a lot of the actual crowdfunding companies have,this problem is basically that most of the time you won’t be able to raisefunds if you don’t live in a specific country, now everyone will be capable ofdoing it, regardless their nationality, place of residence, jurisdiction orother bureaucratic obstacles. KickCoins are unique since they actually providethe safety that if the money that you invest in a project becomes a scam youwon’t lose it since KickCoins are backed by other currencies and by successfulcampaigns made in the platform.KickICO aimsto all the people (innovators, designers, game developers, and other type ofcreators) that are part of the technological sector of the society but don’thave the resources to make their dreams true and connects them with otherhumans that can make their projects real by investing their money in the formof cryptocurrency.

KickICO platformsolves the problem of distrust (that a lot of contributors have experiencedbecause they’ve been scammed in previous times) because KickCoins give yourmoney a back in other currencies in case the project don’t go real so you’llnever be scammed.The coin can’t bemined, the only way you can get KickCoins is using the KickICO platform. The tokens available for sale in ICO phase were 600million, the sale started August, 29th, 2017 and ended September, 16th,2017 the maximum supply is 810 million.When KickICO platform was in preICOstage 1 Ethereum was valued in 6000 KickCoins, at the ICO stage it increasedthe value to 100% meaning that the worth of 3000 KC was the same as 1 ETH, atrelease date (2015) the conversion was 1 ETH to 2000 KC, and the a lot offorecast preview that one year after the platform started (2016) the KickCoins willincrease their value to 100% so 1 ETH will be worth 1000 KC, and it’s expectedthat during the course of the 2017 the KickCoins will go through the roof withan increment of 500% meaning that 1 ETH will be valued in 200 KC.


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