KFC Adapted Their Traditional Structure Of Their Outlets essay

KEF also take great pride in serving each other to become the best service provider in worldwide. Moreover, Question 2 Organization structure KEF adapted their traditional structure of their outlets that other food chains following.

There is one general manager, the outlet is leaded by the manager and assisted by two assistant managers, and one shift in change supervises the performance of counter workers and kitchen workers. Question 3 An organization structure describes the position of employees in that organization.There are typically two type Of chain command that is straight and upright. The above organizational chart is an upright chain of command. The information flows from highest to lowest which makes the organization easier to control due to a constricted distance of control and it rarely exceeds eight steps. This organization table has its benefits which are every position has one employee under them which makes easier communication among them. Besides that, responsibility is clear and accurate since the higher level has more power over the lowers one.The Straight structure is like an old army vie, people from the highest have higher position power than the lower one.

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In contrast, the higher level may feel that they have higher authority than others, this structure encourages employees in a unique way, and employees will try to be harder working and more prepared to achieve targeted objectives, instead of getting along with other workers. Disadvantages Because of several layers on the organization chart, decision and action will be slow if traveling from highest to lowest management which make the organization faster and different decision.And lower level employees will feel sees appreciated than the upper level which less motivates them in term Of their work and attitude. Besides that, the upright level of a chain command, a lower level employee cannot work well in their work they will tend to please their higher level which eventually will slow the organization effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, the upright structure also damage relationship among peers, people wills just follow scheduled and rules and tasks instead organizing together for specific tasks.

People will try to get higher positions and “back stabbing” people to get in their way of getting earning more profit ND subsequently prevent intuition and less innovation and involvement from workers. In contrast, straight chain of command, people will enjoy more collaboration and teamwork and happy to see each other often leads to higher and greater input into workings and making decisions, because they know what they do will eventually affecting the image of their peers.Moreover, workers are held to meeting performance standards within their respective groups without as many rules coming from upper-level positions. And more a straight structure can have greater productivity and more lotions across the board because employees are motivated to work together to develop systems and solutions that bring results and eventually benefit to the company as a whole. Question 4 Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) refers to the responsibility of the creativity in its business operations with respect to its stakeholders meet.The idea of corporate social responsibility is based on the idea of business operations must comply with the sustainable progress of enterprises, in addition to considering their own financial and operating conditions; they eve to join the consideration of their social and natural environment caused by impacts.

Refers to all the interested parties can affect, or are affected by corporate decisions and actions of individuals or groups, including: employees, customers, suppliers, community groups, parent or subsidiary companies, partners, investors and shareholders.Corporation must develop two side, which is economic side and social side. CARS into four parts, consequently, KEF should not only have the economic responsibility and legal responsibility, but also they have the concern on the ethical and philanthropic sides. The main point for this concept KEF has to take all the four parts responsibilities to the social, not only economic responsibility which is the most fundamental responsibility. As economic responsibility, KEF was created as economic objects designed to provide goods and services that customers needed.The primary motivation for the corporation is to maximum profit for the shareholder.

Therefore, the principle role for the corporation was to produce goods and services that customers needed and wanted and to make a proper profit during the business. It is the basic goal for the KEF. In their financial report for 009, CUFF’S global sales income raises from $7394 in 2007 to $8230 in 2009, three years development was three per cent. Overall, KEF is pleased with the economic responsibility by raises the profit in three years.For my observation, KEF have increased the food selling price, for examples, in Malaysia, the selling price of each meal was increases from ten ringing to fifteen ringing. There is no questioning that this price policy will increased the total profit as well. Even though KEF claimed that they will offer customers better service, it cannot depend on the increased the selling price to increase heir profit. As Legal responsibility, company run the business according to the profit motive, at the same time, business also have to follow the laws and guidelines announce by local government.

Legal responsibility reflects a view of “codified ethics”, which are endorsed by local courts, such as wages and salary, working hours, food safety, and equal opportunity and so on. KEF have to follow the standards and legal requirements. Based on the employment standard, KEF announced on the website, employment practice including non- discrimination, working hours & conditions, child labor, forced and indentured labor and notification to employees.

As Ethical responsibility, KEF is going to improving the operations particularly around product availability and speed of service.KEF have energetic raised their game by more invasion pushing for higher standards by capitalizing in more franchise field support, increasing operational audits and racking and stacking operating performance of both company and franchise stores. During the placement year, KEF is better prepared to offer the consumer more choice, better value and better service, but KEF still have more to do. The goal of KEF is to stay focused on building the business back he right way and assume steady progress.

KEF also should take environmental safety as important as food quality and customer service.As Philanthropic responsibility, KEF takes the issues of litter very seriously. KEF is resolute to attempting the litter challenge through a number of creativities such as litter patrols, packaging reductions, and bins. KEF sent out patrols ever say to pick up litter and empty bins, these patrols go out four times a day in the summer months and three times a day in the winter months, and to make sure the area environment the restaurant are as clean as possible.

KEF have the donate box in all restaurant, we can donate the extra change to that box.KEF LIKE raised more than Error which helped fund a school food project in Africa last year. Question 5 In the textbook in Western countries, usually referred to as crisis communications management crisis management, because to reinforce communication with the public disclosure of information for the publics understanding and support is the basic counter measure crisis management. Crisis management is a business planning decisions to respond to crises situations conducted forces at work, handling and staff training to resolve active process, which aims to remove or reduce the threat posed by the crisis and loss.Crisis management can generally be divided into two parts: before the crisis is expected to emergency aftermath management and crisis prevention management post.

Crisis management is a specialized management science, it was meant to link to sudden crisis, resist sudden tragedy incident, as far as possible damage to bottom out and the prior formation of prevention, treatment systems and the corresponding measures.For an enterprise, the enterprise can be called a crisis of the matter is that when faced with a public or corporate customer are closely elated and serious penalties of a major accident, and in order to cope with the crisis in the pre-established enterprise prevention and treatment of these major Accident institutional and measures, is called corporate crisis management. On June 1 1, 201 1, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KEF) Malaysia was faced with a potential social media crisis when videos of food tampering by their kitchen staff started socializing on the Internet.As part of its crisis response strategy, KEF Malaysia established a page on its Backbone wall to tell its side of the story and restore consumer confidence. Like many other crisis communication experts, I attribute KEF Malaysia’s success in avoiding a crisis to its timely, open, truthful, Internet present and broadly communicated crisis communication plan – what I have called the 5 crucial elements of a crisis communication plan.This approached successfully enabled KEF Malaysia to snatch the information initiative and effectively frame the crisis as the action of a single rogue employee.

Additionally, by responding via social media, KEF Malaysia also ensured that their response was on the same platform as the video. KEF Malaysia acted quickly. The team launched a Backbone tab which contains two new Youth videos addressing the problem, and set up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to anticipate questions that anyone might have. In one video, En.

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