Keywords To make sure when spiders file

Keywordsare words/phrases which can be put into a search engine so that they will comeback identical and related results.

Businesses often use market researchcompanies to see what keywords best reflect their business, products andservices.To make sure when spiders file websites accurately, webdevelopers add in meta tags in the code of a web page. Meta tags are insertedinto the segment of a web page.

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The meta tags are applied tosupply search engines with information about a website. Texts within the tagsare not shown within the web page, but informs conveys explicit information tosearch engines regarding the pageSearchengines use the keyed search use phrase to find websites in its database whichincludes the phrase, rather than searching the entire internet each time.Search engines use ‘spiders’ to search the internet for new websites to includein their databases, with the purpose that all websites will be included in thedatabases. The spiders inspect each website that they face and send data aboutthat page back to search engine to be stored in its database. The process is termedweb crawling. Consequences can arise from web crawling, because every so oftenweb crawlers will try to spider websites violently which can overload servers,as a result of this, only limited crawling must be conducted.



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