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Then from 1984 to 1 995 the ratio between the two earners remained relatively constant. This suggests that during this timeshare the income gap was not widening. At 1996, you can see on the graph that there starts to become a small increase in the total annual income ratio of the two types of earners, this gap then once again remains relatively constant until 2006. If you compare the above rape of Ontario Ratio of highest to lowest earners to Canada’s ratio of highest to lowest earners you will see that the graphs are almost identical with the same increases, decreases and ratios remaining constant.Even the actual numbers from the percent ratios are very similar. 78.

If you wanted to conduct a study comparing annual income distribution for the United States there are a few important things you must do and consider. Rest, you must determine where you will collect your data from that you will use for the study. You also want to make sure the data you collect is from a liable source.

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For instance, one place you could look that would have a record of annual incomes for various years would be United States Census Bureau. If at all possible choose a source that is the most reliable.Also, when planning you want to take into account what biases may occur and how to avoid them.

For instance, you need to make sure that the right sampling method was used to retrieve your data because you want to make sure that the sample you choose is representative of the entire population you are trying to retrieve your data from. You want the people sampled from all the efferent parts of the country not just one. If you only had data for people from California and not the rest of the county, your study would be non- representative of the population you were trying to study.Also, you would need to be mindful of possible limitations of the data. An example of a limitation could be the cost of living.

When you plan your study is this something you will take into consideration and account for? Should you also consider the rate of inflation’s influence on the total annual income? When collecting and comparing the data you retrieve for the study a good way to do his would be by making charts and time-series graphs of the different income earners and then compare the trends seen in the data (just like I’ve done above in the previous questions).The charts and graphs would make it easier to compare aspects such as income ratios and future income of the earners. The more factors that are taken into account when planning and collecting data for a study, the more reliable it will be in the end. All of the above factors considered will help to ensure greater accuracy in your study and help you retrieve the best results possible. Key Question Lesson 20 9.

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