Kenyan the hospitality industry was not too

Kenyan tourism dates back before independence day and in the early days the tourists who visited were of the old tourists who mostly travelled for sea and sand or to partake in the gaming expeditions as there was no infrastructure whatsoever in the Kenya.Hence the history to this problem started when candidates could benefit and get experience away from the classroom as they could benefit from an on job training basis moreover not everyone who worked in the hospitality firm was a hospitality student (Kozar, Horton, and Gregoire 2005). In the previous years we see that the hospitality industry was not too keen on having academic or experienced graduates as employees because the hotels they worked for had a place for them to be able to get on the job training for whatever job requirements they needed furthermore it was a challenge in finding a hospitality and tourism school around as it was very rare and expensive if one was to get enrolled.(source)
We can see that findings are showing that this issue is not only experienced in Kenya alone but around the world it is one of the main concerns.in Ghana we see that lack of quality skilled personnel is the leading problem that is affecting the hospitality industry (Modern Ghana, 2018).

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Last updated: August 26, 2019


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