Day was a very exciting for Johan and his classmates since they had the opportunity to visit Happy Aerogram. Everyone was discussing about the activities that in aerogram. The weather was cool and it was drizzling. As the weather was cool and with a long drive, the journey became full of excitement. Students kept themselves busy by reciting invocations, chatting with friends. They reached the Grammar at 9:25 am, they were welcomed by the staff and a brief general introduction about the farm were given.

Then, they started they adventure in Grammar. First, they visited the poultry farm here variety of domesticated poultry such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and goat were raised. They enjoyed to feed the poultry with the foods provided by the staff. Next, they were guided to cowshed in which cattle are kept.

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They were excited when the staffs demonstrated the activity Of milking the cattle. Each of them also had the chance to milk the cattle by themselves.Then, they went to vegetable farm where variety of vegetal were planted. With the guidance of the staff from Happy Grammar, they were taught to clear the land of weeds and wild grass, dug the soil, watered it and applied cow manure to the soil.

Besides, they were allowed to harvest the vegetables by their own. Johan felt truly happy and proud because he not only get the freshest vegetables but also experienced the farm and the satisfaction of picking.Last destination was the fish pond. The helpful staff was guiding them to fishing with the net. Fortunately, they managed to catch few fishes with net. They enjoyed it so much. After this, they released the fishes by putting them back to the pond.

Lastly, they went back home with vegetable that they picked. All in all, the trip was an eye-opener and unforgettable experiences to all of them.

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