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Kadelia Prince English 110Prof. Ryan Sartor 4/19/2018Humanity’s Relationship To Smart PhonesSmartphones offer many applications to help manage almost every part of a person’s life, leading to increased personal growth and communication. However, with this constant connection comes a disconnection. The invention and rising popularity of the smartphone has completely transformed our culture of socialization and interaction a whole lot.

But in other words, while the smartphone allows us to participate in numerous conversations with many different people all at once, it takes us out of the current moment, lowering the quality of a real life in person interaction with others. People use these devices to manage their daily routine, dictating what they should do and when they should do it. However, is there more to this technology than what has been made aware to their owners which is the big question. In the article In Defense of Smartphones By Kevin Drum “I don’t think there’s any doubt that social networks and ubiquitous smartphones are changing the way we relate with each other. It’s still early days, however, and we don’t know for sure how that’s going to play out.” We have become overly obsessed with these devices that it has impacted our humanity, our interaction with others and society in general.

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Since its major upbringing, the invention of the smartphone has come to negatively reinvent the way people go about their daily lives because we have become detached from society, letting these smartphones take over our lives, and have become obsessed with these devices. To begin with, the smartphone allows for its user to detach him/herself from society. keep our brains in a constant state of major overload, always distracted by new bits of information. It’s a human nature to want to take it all in because at one point in history knowing everything that was going on in the environment helped humans survive. Constant connection to the Internet via smartphones has changed long established rhythms of human thinking. There used to be times when we were socializing and learning from the people and the world around us and times when we were alone with our thoughts to analyze.

In the article 3 Reasons Why We Are Addicted To Smartphones “We can be disappointed if we limit our spaces and relationships to small screens or to “town squares.” We need intimate relationships where we give and receive touch, where we gaze into someone’s eyes. We also need spaces – some will be online – where deep connections can be made, where we can rest, play and discover” it becomes much much harder to practice paying close attention to the types of human thinking, like reflective thought, introspective thought. That means it’s very hard to translate information into rich, highly connected memories that ultimately make us smart and intelligent. The smartphones, being a very new invention of humanity, became a major part of human’s life. The smartphone combines different sophisticated features.

It allows users to keep pictures, memories, personal info, correspondence, health and financial data in one place. Smartphones also became an integral part of modern telecommunications facilities. In some regions of the world, they are the most reliable or only of available phones.

The phones allow people to maintain continuous communication without interruption of their movements and distances. Smartphones have brought out a massive change in the lives of people. People enjoy great comfort with the advancement in science and technology. People in the present day find things much easier and perceive things based on technology. Smartphones play a vital role in this regard offering users a great platform for communication and access to a wide range of applications. Human beings face tough challenges to lead life in this contemporary world.

And, technology has become the deciding factor for people’s standards. Life becomes updated and flexible with facilities to get connected to people and resources at any time. The mode of communication is open through several ways allowing people to enjoy and make best use of advancements.

Also, people get better exposure to social life when they use smartphones with many different applications and accessories. “We take pictures, manipulate images, join discussions, curate a selfie and reach out to others. By texting back and forth, we weave together a conversation. Through searching, we become knowledgeable (even if we lack wisdom). Thus, we join ancestors who painted on cave walls and told stories around fires”. People in all industry verticals use smartphones on a regular basis.

Advancement in technology gives people great ease and also keeps them active. People are able to spend time with family and friends when they finish their works from home. It is important for people to take into account only the positive aspects of smartphones and improve their lifestyle. Too much usage of smart phones also minimizes manual interaction. It is therefore crucial for each and every individual to keep in mind to make efficient use of smartphones and technology. Choose the best smartphone and celebrate using smartphones in great style.

It is a boon to have smartphones for our use. Your smartphone may be capable of connecting you to the whole world via email, messaging services, social networks, and the wider Web, but it’s also capable of disconnecting you to those people around you. he problem comes when people live their life from behind their smartphone, which is permanently glued to the end of their fingers ready to take photos. Photos make nice keepsakes to remember an occasion by, but eschewing the actual experience to get the best shots is a hiding to nothing.

Smartphones are extremely versatile gadgets, offering endless opportunities to use your time up, whether productively or wastefully. While it’s hard to see a downside to this, there is one that could lead to you living a less fulfilling life. While we should all welcome advances in technology when they occur, there is a danger associated with letting this technology do everything for us. Which is that we forget how to do even the most basic tasks for ourselves. Smartphones help their users escape from reality, much like a drug.

Addictive in nature, they open the window to simple, colorful and easy to manipulate digital world. Thus, addiction to smartphones can separate us from our friends and family. Smartphone addiction can be understood as a dependence syndrome. It can be considered a form of technology addiction marked by a compulsive use of technology that can lead to significant impairment in various domains of one’s life, including personal, academic and professional. In the article We asked young people what they want from the internet of the future – here’s what they said “These concerns included the inconsistency of online and offline behaviours – with young people wanting online platforms to be governed by the same moral standards as the offline world.

This would also mean that people would have the same rights and responsibilities online as they have offline”.


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