Journal your field of interest by doing

Journal Worksheet
Instructions: Find a peer-reviewed journal for your field of interest by doing a library data base search. Complete the following 5 items.
I. Journal Information
1. Journal Title: National Geographic
2. Edition Number: No.4
3. Volume Number: Vol.233
4. In 2-3 sentences, explain the significance of this journal to your
field of interested.
National Geographic is significant to me because it can enhance my reading habits by providing a variety of interesting and relevant articles. It can also improve my English language knowledge and confidence.

5. Provide a list of 2 alternative journal titles:
1) Just English
2) BBC Knowledge
II. Journal Article
Instructions: Find a journal article on a particular issue that you are curious about that is related to your field of interest or a social issue. Read the article abstract and then write a 2-3 paragraph overview about what you learned about the article from reading the abstract. Complete the 5 items below.
Your 2-3 paragraph summary must be typed 1.5 spaced in Times New Roman 12 font. Provide a reference at the bottom of your summary page using the following format:
Author Last Name, First Initial (YEAR). Title of the Article. Journal Title, Edition Number, (Volume Number), Pages numbers.

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Submit this worksheet and your 2-3 paragraph summary to your student folder
(Week 9) on Box.
The journal article title is “People Are Made How They Are”, written by Patricia Edmonds. The article has introduced me a story between a biracial couple, Amanda Waklin who is an English born and Michael Biggs who is a Jamaican descent. Amanda had given birth to fraternal twin girls. From a young age, the girls had similar features but very different colour schemes. Marcia Madge Biggs had light brown hair and fair skin like her mother while her sister Millie Madge Biggs had black hair and brown skin like her father. At first, the couple worried about it but later they just accepted it because it is genes. Amanda said that people who were commented on her children a lot will saw the beauty in them, but this needed time.

Since young, the girls already know what racism is. Millie described racism is where somebody judges you by your colour and not by your actual self. Marcia described racism as a negative thing because it can hurt people’s feelings. The couple always witnessed racist toward their girls. When people saw the girls, they will think about they are just best friends. When they knew the girls are twins, they will feel shocked because one is black, and one is white.
After reading this article, the twin sisters make me rethink everything I know about race. I have realized that there are no black and white. We should learn not to see colour but see people. I also learnt that love has no colour, there is no colour lines when we are together. I start to believe that although we are different colour in skin tones, but all of our souls are the same colour. We are the same, as all of us are human. Giving birth to fraternal twins is very lucky as it happens one in 100 births, so I think Amanda and Michael should be proud of themselves.

Edmonds, Amanda (2018). “People Are Made How They Are”. National Geographic, No.4, (Vol. 233), pg. 12


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