Journal to and from school, which could

Journal Reflection #2 1

Brian Perez
Journal Reflection #2

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Journal Reflection Title Page

Journal Reflection #2 3
As Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibanez begins the short story of the kids playing a game of la
migra, it really shows how the struggle of being chased by the migration services resonates
between the youth. They are so young but still have basic knowledge of what they must face on
an everyday basis. It made me realize that by playing this game, of la migra, they are somewhat
practicing, to the extent of training themselves, to run from the border patrol. The grown-ups
don’t even tell the kids to stop, they tell them to go play outside. The main objective of the game
is to not be caught and sent back to Mexico. They are playing, but they are in reality practicing to
be fast and learn how to hide from the la migra.
It can be really hard for the undocumented students to feel safe during their time in the
U.S. because of the constant reminder that they are at any time, capable of being deported. In
Omar’s case, his sister had been deported already, but still managed to get back to America
somehow. Omar and his sister are reminded of how easy it is to be sent back to Mexico and
suffer from the anxiety of being detained. Mostly all of the immigrants feel this the stress and
anxiety as well. They feel the stress from even traveling to and from school, which could bring a
chance to risk it all.
Mostly everyone has risked everything to come to America because it has been seen as
the land of opportunity by the movies, social media, and public opinion. To most people in
search of a better life, they make it their number one priority to get to the United States to escape
their troubles, whatever they may be. In this case, immigrants leave their homes to secure a
better future by gaining an education through school because they want to be able to support
their families or gain citizenship in the country. As a result of the amount of people hoping to
pursue an education, law enforcement has made it difficult for people to pursue this goal with
Journal Reflection #2 3

Journal Reflection #2 3
new laws and surveillance. I can see both sides of this problem. There is the immigrants’ point of
view: to search for a better life, a better life that their parents’, and escape the past in Mexico.
And then there is American government: prevent millions of unknown and undocumented people
from shifting the economy and to prevent crime. Both sides of this cannot thrive with one
another and for America it can be very frustrating if millions of people randomly appear that they
have no record of.
Sometimes the immigrants that aim to get a better education, struggle to continue and
drop out of school. This is a really unforgiving path because they aren’t faced with many
opportunities, such as jobs and careers, in the future and earn lower than the average worker
income. There aren’t that many high paying jobs that hire without a High school diploma. In
addition, there is a lower possibility of going to continue their education after dropping out of
school. From the book, it shows charts of high schools in the North County school district, from
which it is clear that Latinos/as face a really hard time when graduating from high school. It is
really hard for them already and now that they have dropped out, everything is against them in
their time here in the U.S,
There are many ways to help these young immigrants to help them their future. With the
DREAM act passed it made it easier to study and gain an education for immigrants that are
undocumented to get a higher education. The act benefits them and encourages them to stay in
school because they feel more secure and can feel assured that they won’t be deported. From
there, they can start achieving citizenship and make America their home.

Journal Reflection #2 3

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